Review - Bashingsay - Sadistic Scene of Brutal Massacre

Indonesia is delivering new Sickness again in form of a 5 Track EP called Sadistic Scene of Brutal Massacre. These tunes comming from the band called "Bashingsay" are penetrating your ears with non-stop guttural SLAM Brutality.  This 4 piece bands know what they want and what they want to deliver.


Released on Rotten Music from the UK. This label is building up it's roaster of sick bands more and more!!!


As uncompromising as it can be, just pure sickness. Everything is ultra downtuned, beginning from the vocals, to guitar and drum sound. Very darkened and pressing atmosphere. You feel like thrown into the end of human existence. This is also my first comparison. I took the album title of the first Abominable Putridity album because I am getting the same feeling in the sound and a lot of the genetics from the russian slam you will find within this music. Pure Bulldozer Heaviness.


Besides that there is not much more to say. It's direct, it's brutal and relentless. If you like AP like mentioned above and bands like Cephalotripsy, Visceral Disgorge, Cerebral Incubation, Extermination Dismemberment and bands in the veign of you will definitly satfisfied with this sick and short trip in a world of pure brutality.


Sometimes I am still wondering what they put in the water in Indonesia. So many sick bands comming from their…maybe they can study this at the "University of Slamming Brutality" in Jakarta. ;) (band is from the city of Sidoarjo, Jawa Timur by the way)


8 / 10 for this hellride!!!



Cheers Zed

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