Review - Focal Dystonia - Descending (In)Human Flesh

On December 11th 2020 the dogs of Hell will let loose. Focal Dystonia is releasing their debut album "Descending (In)Human Flesh" which will devour you with an insatiable hunger. The album whips you like the romans did with Jesus Christ from the first Riff until the last Blast! The direction is just fast forward Brutal Death and will force your degenerated Body to move. This overall palpable agility of the songs is really amazing on this record and created a pure joy for me listening to it.


The madness will be released via Comatose Music and hopefully reach enough people to spread the sickness like Corona Virus as the music deserves to! The mentioned agility and fast forward atmosphere within the 10 tracks reminded me to some of my favorite bands in a similar style like Aposepsy, Perverse Dependence or Katalepsy. This kind of physical punishment never felt better in dark times we are living in currently. Just the right thing at the right time to come and compensate your urge to go berserk!


What definitely is to mention here is the great concept of the album. 10 songs, a different singer for each track. First I thought can this work out properly but it really does in a harmonic way. Everything sounds out from the same mold and never feels wrongly put together.

A nice marketing thing for the album was to release the singers one by one on a weekly bases. So everyone was keeping an eye out for the annoucements. I was lucky to have the album pretty early digital for writing the review and I was having already some people in mind singing on the different tracks. Lucky I really had the right nose on a few. To mention some here we are Mallika Sundaramurthy (Abnormality), Vladislav Martirosov & Red Beton (Extermination Dismemberment), Andy Tseung (Soils of Fate), Larry Wang (Maggot Colony), Sven van Dijk (Korpse), Don Campan (Waking the Cadaver), Fahlberg Christensen Mats Funderud (Kraanium) and Paolo Chiti (Devangelic). What a Hell of a Line-up and they all deliver the shit on the tracks. No more words needed here just Boom!!!


Summed up all of these points together, this album is a gem to close the shitty year of 2020 which brought us down in our social life but also opened opportunites for projects like this which brought talented people from our family, the BDM scene, together again. So I just can say thank you Floor van Kuijk and Florent Duployer for making this sick piece of art possible!


Taste the flavor of the end of human existence, there is no vaccine for "Descending (In)Human Flesh"! If there is no more room in HELL…you know what's up!!!


10 / 10


Cheers Zed


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