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The Band FROM THE VASTLAND is an allstar formation of members from more known bands like 1349, Pantheon, Horizon Ablaze, Myrkskog, Gorgoroth and the mastermind Sina. Comming mainly out of Trondheim in Norway and Tehran in Iran. I received this album called "Daevayasna" from the label SATANATH Records from Russia which is one the world wide distributors.


The band itself delivers oldschool 90s norwegian Black Metal in the so called TRVU Way as it was called. This is already the 4th album of the formation and the material is pretty strong. I haven't been listening to a lot of Black Metal the last years but I had fun with this tunes. Reminded me to a lot of stuff I was listening back in the day. Dark Throne, Thy Serpant, Immortal, Carpathian Forest, Gorgoroth, Mayhem and so on. If you like those bands you will for sure have some fun with FROM THE VASTLAND.


The music is very atmospheric, dark and depressive. Also the rawness within the sound is very well produced and makes the record much heavier. All trademarks of this kind of music are there and the songs will soak you into its dark soul like a black hole. Even some really cool melodies are built in but never in an unpleasant way. Everything fits perfectly together.

The band is still pretty unknown which I cannot understand because they really deliver everything you can request from this kind of music. There is no song on the album which let you down. The 7 tracks run through smoothly and keep up the tightness from start until the end. You are not ripped out of the dark atmosphere by a single pause so you can enjoy it in its entirety.


The band was even nominated for the Metal Hammer Golden Gods Awards back in 2014. So all of you looking for some oldschool Black Metal or those who want the become a fan of, check this band out. You will not be dissapointed!


Strong 8 / 10 for a nice trip back to my teens when I was listening to Northern Black Metal all day long!


Cheers Zed

Daevayasna (2018) [Full Album]

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