Review - Profanation - Into Cascades of Blood and Burning Soil

One of my favorite German DeathGrind Outfits is back with a new output called "Into Cascades of Blood and Burning Soil". The band PROFANATION is delivering nothing else then oldschool brutal Deathgrind in the groovy way. Released was it via Hostile Media on April 26th this year.


I can remember very well when I bought their first CD "…Dead Man Rotting" in the beginning of the 2000s. It must have been 2001 because I payed with Deutsche Mark, so yeah. It was available for 10DM in discount at Metal Merchant Magazine and what should I say. I was blown away by the brutality and groove at the same time. At that time period I was discovering a lot of bands in the veign of them. I already was listening to Dying Fetus and stuff but I can say this really influenced me back then.


The new record is taking every edge and trademark of the band which they created over the last two decates and combine it to a perfect hybrid between groovy riffs and brutal straight to your face Deathgrind. It sounds oldschool as fuck, like written back in the day, but also brings the modern sound quality you expect from some decent Death Metal.


The band blasts, grooves and headbangs through the 10 tracks on the album. From start to the end I was just enjoying the ride. The band just knows how to create these kind of songs with the right dose of every element. It's very balanced between groove, oldschool athmosphere with rhythm and brutal Death Metal blasting.

While listening I was really struggling to keep my body calm. I always wanted to get crazy and bang my head to it. This music is just perfect for some pit action at an open air festival. Run in a circle and get the party started!

Really good example is the song "Butcher's Joy". This is just a groovy banger with enough diversity to satisfy all your Death Metal cravings in different perspectives. You have the blasts, which are very Grind influenced, but also the Death Metal grooves and roughness combined. On Top of everything is the oldschool feeling and also the genuin aspect of writing this music. You really feel the passion of the musicians creating this kind of sound. Also this is the element which drives us veterans around in the scene. We all have this endless passion for this extreme music and deliver. Some will stay some will go but Death Metal and Grindcore will never die!


Enjoy the ride with Profanation! If you are a fan of good oldschool Death Metal written like in the 90s and early 2000s. This is your band. Expect a great mixture of Dying Fetus, Deicide, Incantation and Napalm Death. All spiced up with some Insect Warfare. Maybe you would choose some other comparisons but hey, make your own picture and just order this great piece of music!!!


9 / 10. Cheers Zed


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