Review - Septycemia - Frontiers of Medieval Prognosis

Sick 3 piece band called SEPTYCEMIA takes you all on a history lesson to the dark medieval age when everything was ruled by the gruesome horrors of the Black Plague. With "Frontiers of Medieval Prognosis" the band delivers the sheer brutality of Europes decimation back in the day to an audio format.


Released on PATHOLOGICALLY EXPLICIT RECORDINGS, the members of this so called all star projects are known for their brutal deeds in the bands VIRULENCY, SCATOLOGY SECRETION and MURTAD. If you know these just expect also pure blasting brutality.


Disjorge, Oscar and Christian Vega just know how to bring it to the point. Relentless blasting and guttural brutality. Played like back in the Brutal Death Metal prime and straight to your face. The 11min long and 4 tracks containing EP is just sheer brutality. This is exactly how I like my BDM. Pure, fast and straight. No fancy shit around just on point and tight.


I am reminded to a lot of brutal EPs and albums by this I haven't heared in a while. You definitly feel classics like CINERARY, first VOMIT THE SOUL, JASAD, BLOODY GORE, DIRTY INFAMOUS, DISGORGE(US) and for sure the bands the musicians are playing in. They bring the oldschool brutal feeling to today's sound. 

I was also enjoying the concept of this album of the Black Plague going on in Medieval times. It just fits to the pure and evil sound. It makes everything a little more brutal and introduces a little more atmosphere. This music is dark and depressive while being fast and brutal as fuck. I really dig that and if you are a fan of the bands mentioned before and also for every fan of brutal sick Death Metal, this is a must have!


Only thing I have to complain about is the length because I want to blast this for at least 30min in a row. So put that EP on repeat and get infected!


9,5 /10. Cheers and blast on!!! Zed




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