Interview - Lommer of Critical Mess

D: Hi Lommer and Thank you for taking the time to answer some questions! How have you been lately and how was the time in the studio recording the new album?


Lommer: Hi Dani! Thanks for the Interview! I’m fine, thanks.

We had a great time in the Soundlodge studio. It’s always funny and productive to work with Jörg. He’s not only our sound engineer, He became a friend, too. We love the atmosphere and the silence in Rhauderfehn, so we could work focused on our material.

D: Your last album "Human Praey" is just one year old and you have already recorded a new one. How did that go so fast?


Lommer: That’s a good question! I don’t know 😀 hahaha

Joking aside: Last year, I think it was July or August, we talked about a plan for a new Album. We organized a timetable and what we had to do.

Some songs we wrote are completely new and some songs have old “riff corpses” we had written in the past and didn’t use for the first album. I think, this saved us a lot of time in producing the album.

It was a really hard time for everyone, because we worked in smaller groups (two or three people) on the songs. This had the positive aspect, that we worked faster on the songs. But on the other hand, we only saw us as the complete band at band meetings, which took place every four to six weeks.. This was a little bit stressful.


D: What can we expect from the new album? Is it different from the first one or is it pretty much the same direction? Any surprises you want to give us some hints?


Lommer: Mmh, I think it’s a little bit of both. On the one hand, we have our style and some riffs are typical for us. On the other hand, we tried some new stuff: For example some special riffs and melodies on guitar and a little bit more brutal and groovy.

I think, some real new shit are the vocals. On our first record, Britta uses the phrases from us. On this record, Britta tried some new crazy stuff. The first time we heard it, our ballz were about to explode. We were really excited about the voice and the phrases.

And, we had some guest musicians on our new record. But I’m an asshole: I won't tell you who it is hehehe. I can only say: I think you’ll like it


D: Would you say this time you all were more in a routine for your sound than on the first album and after touring for the first one you were all just warmed up for more material?


Lommer: I think, this doesn’t influences each other. When you are on tour, you’re focused on the shows and on traveling from venue to venue. Maybe, in between you have a little time to play your instrument or write some lyric parts. But it’s always tricky. You have a lot to do on tour and not much time, to do something else. The short time you get, you need to sleep hehehe.

When we were back from Tour, yes we were hot to write some new songs. But I think, this time would have come too, if we hadn't been on tour. We got a great response for the first record and this gave us the inspiration to do some more.

D: How was the overall response to "Human Praey"? I think I gave you a 9 /10 in my review!


Lommer: Yep, I know hahaha! The response was really great and slaying! So many people like our music and give us a great feedback! Not only in written Reviews, also after a show the people came to us and wanted to talk about our music.

This is awesome and gives us the power to do this!


D: When you toured to support the album how was the experience and feedback from the audience? You want to share some cool moments with us? (drinking debaucheries welcome haha!)


Lommer: The Feedback was unbelievable on tour. The Fans were really great to us. One of my favorite stories is that we got off the bus one day. We only wanted to go to the toilet in the venue, because it was a short night and we had to piss. So, we left the bus with our sleeping clothes and some fans were waiting in the street. Yes, for us! They had printed some band pics and asked us, if we could sign it and if it’s ok that they take a picture with us. We stood with our sleeping clothes and crazy hair on the street! I think, these could be outstanding good Bandpics hahaha. This was really sick and a real funny moment!


D: You and Britta have played years together in Cripper before. Would you say with this band the work is, or even feels different? Why did you actually cancel Cripper after the last phenomenal album and started this band with her?


Lommer: Okay, years sounds very long haha I think, that was just two years.

The work with Cripper was different, because there were different people. If you work with other people in Bands, it’s always different. Okay, some parts could repeat in groups but in the entirety it’s different.

We made this choice in the band, because the circumstances changed during the years. The Band was founded, when every member was a college student. Now, some people have kids or other liabilities. The problem was, that some people wanted to do more with the band, and others didn't or couldn't. That fact caused some tensions within the band. After we realized that, we had to come to the decision that it’s better to cancel the band. No worry, we don’t hate us. Everythings fine.

D: When did you guys have the first idea to found Critical Mess and was it a longer or short term process?


Lommer: Uff, this process needed a lot of time. I think, 2012 we had the first line up and started to write songs. The Problem was that we had a lot of fluctuation in our line up. At the end of 2016 we got our last and stable line up.

The idea was, to make music that we like. And we are all really different and all like different styles. So, the result is this gibberish of music hahaha.


D: Are you going to release a music video as a sneak peak for the new album like for the last one?


Lommer: Yeah sure. We started to shoot our first music video. For us, it’s the first time that we produce a music video with a story part!

Before we release our new record, we would like to show you TWO music videos.

D: Any big touring plans for 2019 you want to share and what can we expect besides the album? When is the release date and what's the name of the album by the way?


Lommer: We had some plans, but nothing concrete. A lot of big shows like the Metaldays or Wacken on our list!

The release date is the 21.6.2019 and the Name of the Record is “Man Made Machine Made Man”.


D: When we go a little back in time to your beginnings. What bands did influence you to pick up a guitar or an instrument at all? I always like to ask some question like this and get some inside views. We should never forget that we are all still fans of this music we love and support!


Lommer: Boah, long time ago, I think the dinosaurs were still living I bought my first Bass.

With two other guys, we made music. Funny thing is, we had no idea about making music, and the drummer was the only guy, who studied his instrument in music lessons. I had no idea, and asked: Which instrument we need in the Band, and they told me bass. So, I bought my first bass, without any ideas hahaha. And the guitar player found his first guitar in the garbage. Nowadays, I can only laugh about that time.


Ok, sorry for the background story. Mmh, I think at that time I listened to Bands like Slipknot, Korn, Marylin Manson and so on. And a little bit Nu Metal Stuff like Static-X and Grunge like Nirvana, Stone Temple Pilots.


I like this sort of music and it was real magic for me. So I was interested to do this and I wanted to learn how to do it. During the time, my music taste changed (Now, I like bands like Defeated Sanity, Brodequin and Archspire and this Brutal/technical stuff) but it’s always nice to hear this Bands again, as they started me off.

D: I saw your album is also on SPOTIFY. I am pretty new to streaming and Instagram and stuff but try my best to serve all these social media formats. Do all these platforms help you to support your band?


Lommer: Yeah sure. We used these platforms in different ways, too. Our Guitarist Marco had a lot of cool ideas about content and how we work with the different platforms.

For example: We didn’t post the same picture on all these platforms. On every platform, you could see different videos, pics and other stuff from us. This is more interesting for our fans, than seeing the same picture on every platform. This could get boring fast …


D: Last question. What are your top 5 all time favorite albums? All genres allowed! Thank you again for taking the time and be part of my little journey in our scene! Last words are on you. Something you want to share?


Lommer: hehehe, ok: Defeated Sanity “Passages Into Deformity”, Faith No More “Angel dust”, Static-X “Wisconsin Deathtrip”, Anaal Nathrakh “The Hell is empty and all the Devils are here”, Avulsed “Gorespattered Suicide”.


Thank you for the great Interview. Was really funny! And for the fans: Go out, drink beer, visit concerts, read great books (Don’t watch TV, this is only stupid shit and always the same! Watching movies/series is okay hehehe) and enjoy every moment of your life. It’s to short, to be angry and depressive. And Buddha in short “Don’t be an asshole”!



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