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ENEMA SHOWER - Sadomazoo


Dildos, Buttplugs, Skulls, Pentagrams, Latex and Satanic Beastiality Goatwhoreship.  What sounds like the wet dream of a perve came to life within this record called Sadomazoo from the Slovakian band called ENEMA SHOWER.


The 3 piece band deliver on this 6 track and 15:30min long EP everything they were able to imagine in their sick minds. Nice concept EP for a Porn Gore Band which works totally fine while listening through the record. Musically it is more downtuned and darkened Gore. Stompy and Sloppy...



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GUT - Disciples of Smut


The founders of Porngrind, the one and only, the legend GUT is back. With their newest output "Disciples of Smut" you will receive a cumshot in your face that feels like a brickstone. They re-invented their sound in an impressive way. It is like they took the soul of their crushing cult debut "Odour of Torture" and transformed it to a 2020 version. Better sound, better song structure and everything is filled with a super downtuned darkness.


The band never loses their remarkable trademarks and basement. They just added a lot more layers to their sound which creates a full new and fresh product. Depending on evil downtuning of the sound, if the previous records were located in a torture cave, now they are definitly located in chambers of hell in the vatican cellars. I guess this is enough as a comparison for telling you how....



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Breathing Hell - Gospel of Annihilation



I received some weeks ago the record called "Gospel of Annihilation" from the 4 piece band BREATHING HELL. It was surprisingly sent by the label Act of Sin which I hadn't have contact before. Thank you for this because the album is an amazing trip!


Already released in 2017 but still worth to talk about. After an darkened intro the Album starts right off with the track "Advent of the Adversary". From the first blast you know the direction - STRAIGHT FORWARD!


The opening blasts, screams and whipping guitar riffs reminded me to the opening of Rotten Sound's Murderworks album. In my opinion this was also a big influence along with other great acts. The music is rotten and grinding oldschool Death Thrash with a perfect production and structuring of songs. No fillers to find on this 10 track album.

The musicians within...


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Review - Mir zur Feier


Noizgate Records presents another female fronted newcommer band called MIR ZUR FEIER. Their selft titled debut album will be released on November 22nd. German name and german lyrics, the album is based on Rainer Maria Rilkes work named like the band from the year 1899. The massive lyrics are accompanied by melodic influenced Death Metal sounds and german folk metal rhythms.


The band is active since 2011 and released some EPs before and also won the FemME-Battle in 2018. With that pre-work on the map the band was more then ready to release this artistically opus of german poetry. This kind of mixing depending of genres was not new for me but not often heared. I also have to admit that I had problems to find my path into the reocrd because this is not what I normally listen to.


After some spins...


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Review - Stench of Profit - Human Discount


How would you describe an EP which is 7 minutes and 4 seconds long? Rough and brutal propably if you know in which section this kind of music is moving. The band STENCH OF PROFIT is showing on "Human Discount" a 4 track preview of more stuff to come. Gore driven and grindy Death Metal is what you can expect.


Freshly released from brand new label Lethal Scissor Records. The label of Ex-Drummer of the band Vomit The Soul from Italy. Thank you again Icio for trusting in my work for sending me your releases!!!


Musically the 4 tracks "Leaches", "What's left?", "Every Little Piece" and "Brains on sale" show a nice mixture between oldschool driven Deathgrind, Impetigo Gore with Umpa Umpa rhythms of Rompeprop. Mixed together in a great and functional way to present this piece of depravity.

The record is over before you even...


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Review - Lunacyst - Self titled


Hailing from Bahrain, a small Kingdom in the Middle-East, this 4-pece Band called Lunacyst delivers technical driven and sophisticated Death Metal. First time I saw the cover artwork I thought of another slam band but luckily I was sooo wrong. There is much more under the rotten skin of this band.


I was contacted by the quartet directly for this review. Never heared of them before and I am very lucky they trusted in my work. I was really surprised by the first time blasting the 11 track album on Spotify. (sadly at the moment no physical copies available)

The album starts of strong with harshness and technicality. I would say the band evolved very much since their foundation back in 2009 until their final debut. Sometimes a little hiatus can be good to let everything set down and comming back stronger with killer tracks. Luckily those guys took..


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Review - Consumed by Vultures - Pseudobiblion


Swiss Brutal Death outfit Consumed by Vultures are back with another opus of technical and groovy Debaucheries. The new album "Pseudobiblion" starts with a demonic sounding Intro, followed by the brutal opener Canto II. L'albero sacro. From first minute you know the direction: technical, diverse, groovy and brutally beautiful at the same time.


The album is concept based depending on the tracklist. It is numbered from Canto I until Canto X within the singtitles. Nothing special if you think more because Canto is italian word for "song" but in my opinion there is more behind it to explore with a story which wants to be told.


Before we get more into..


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Review - Baptized by Fire - Upon The Pyre



Texas strikes again with blasphemous and relentless Death Metal. The band Baptized by Fire represents this genre in a brutal way with merciless precision. Dark and heavy the six songs punching in your face. As you see on the cover Jesus burning on the cross in hell, you will feel his pain while listening to the tracks. Glen Benton of Deicide couldn't be more proud hearing this record.


Another brilliant release of Nice to Eat you Records together with Sevared Records. Those labels always know to deliver the sick underground stuff.


As I mentioned Deicide, this album is oldschool as fuck by the presented brutality but transport that sound also to a new modern era by mixing and recording quality. The record sounds pretty clean and thoughtful written but still dirty enough to not lose any needed atmosphere to keep it alive. The music is rotten to...


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Review - Vintersea - Illuminated


A dark and cold winter breeze is blowing in your face straight from the pacific north west. The storm is called Vintersea and delivering with their brand new album "Illuminated" a harsh mix between progressive metal, fragile ambient/melodic music and harsh black metal influenced brutality.


Now with a label in their back, M-Theory Audio, the band releases their second full length. After "The Gravity of Fall" and "Asterion/Constellations" EP, Vintersea catapult themselfs to another level of advanced songwriting. It is just beautiful to see how this band evolved from the first tracks, over the first LP until Illuminated!


They throw everything in the game what they like and push their abilities to the limit. The 5 piece created a special piece of music in which every song is a special masterpiece by itself. The 39 minute long album can be seen as a concept album but just to describe its' entirety is not...


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Review - The Tex Avery Syndrom - Origin


The Tex Avery Syndrom, comming straight out of Frankfurt city in Germany, punch heavily the mark between Walls of Jericho, Dehydrated, The Charm and the Fury, Pantera and old Suicide Silence. With that explosive mixture their upcomming album "Origin" awaits with a lot of surprises, catchy grooves, boneshattering break downs and goosebump creating noise roaring out of Laura Gierl's throat!


I had the band longer in mind and was checking their material from time to time. After seing them back in 2018 at the Grave Art festival here in Germany I was looking forward to a full album comming. Their label Noizgate Records contacted me if I would be interested in doing a review. Sure thing I was in immediately. Thank you also for trusting in my work.


Back to the album. The 12 tracks have a wide bandwidth of different sounds. As mentioned before...


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Review - Feradur - Legion


Some weeks ago I opened my postbox when I came home and found this album inside. A band called FERADUR sent me this from Luxembourg. I couldn't remember that we have talked in first place but propably they took my adress from my BLOG. So I had no expectations what was awaiting me when I put this in my CD player.


From first minutes on I was really surprised because those guys sound so swedish they can't be out of Luxembourg. This must be a  band straight out of Goteborg. Expect a mixture of At the Gates, old In Flames along with Dark Tranquility. Melodic Death Metal all the way without clean vocals. Straight and great written with a lot of playfullness in the songs.


The 5 piece band presents on their second full length LEGION all their might with these 11 tracks. Nearly an hour long they take you on a trip to...


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Review - Deathmace - Bleeding Frenzy


Hailing straight from the UK Underground of the city York. The band Deathmace delivers dirty and rotten oldschool Death Thrash. First time I heared it I thought this is a new south american thunderstorm. It reminded me a lot of brazilian underground death thrash.


The album "Bleeding Frenzy" is a self-released 8 track beast. From beginning until the end you have a nice nostalgic feeling when this kind of music came up and there was magic happening in the scene. It is raw, it is brutal and it is real. No fancy experiments, just 4 people bringing insanity.


For me the 8 tracks were just pure fun listening to. Beginning with "Beyond Dead", over "Conquest of Oblivion" until "Renatus in Vindicta" this is fast forward headbanging groove. Barky and classical DeathThrash Vocals which could...



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Review - Embrace Your Punishment - Nameless King


Heavy Slammage Bulldozer attacking from France. Take Cover!!! EMBRACE YOUR PUNISHMENT is really delivering the Hammer with the album "Nameless King"! It starts heavy right away with the Intro which you can almost call a song. Straight to your face Slam in with the playfullness of Deathcore and New York Hardcore all the way.


The band is backed up by the labels Vomit Your Shirt and Miasma Records. Releasing with them 13 relentless and brutal tracks to shatter your bones! First time you listen to it you think you heared it before somewhere but at some edges EYP push it a little way further and also harder. In my opinion you feel the passion these guys playing...



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Review - Devourment - Obscene Majesty


6 years after "Conceived in Sewage" and even 20 years after their relentless und brutal classic "Molesting the Decapitated", DEVOURMENT is releasing their newest output "Obscene Majesty" on Relapse Records. For me the last albums didn't go in a direction I was expecting Devo to go or wanting them as an oldschool fan but when I heared the first singles from the album released I was more than hyped because of the dirty and rough sound.


"A Virulent Strain of Retaliation", Narcissistic Paraphilia" and "Cognitive Sedation Butchery" were showing the straight direction the band is going. No fancy ...



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Review - Remnants of Tortured - Chanisaw


You want a gory and slammy cumshot in your face? Did you then ever try REMNANTS OF TORTURED? This 5 piece band from Monterrey/Mexico is delivering exactly that with their album "Chainsaw".


Maxing out the limits of cavemen riffs and blast beat brutality mixed with mid tempo slam hammerage. 10 tracks in 28 minutes deliver all the madness you expect from a record like this. Nothing less and nothing more.

Double base hammering drums, shreddy ...



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Review - Critical Mess - Man Made Machine Made Man


Just one year after their great debut CRITICAL MESS is back with their second Full Length called "Man Made Machine Made Man". Stronger than ever I would say and freshly loaded with a lot of energy. What they were missing on "Human Praey" they definitly found and developed on "MMMMM". (A nice anagram btw). I definitly have the feeling that the first album was the warm up and now they hatched from the hive to show all their abilities with their natural developed sound.


11 songs, 48 minutes of pure Death Metal devastation. The album starts with the song "Revolution 5" and after ...



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Review - Bradi Cerebri Ectomia - Mangled Perception


First time I heared the album "Mangled Perception" of Bradi Cerebri Ectomia, I tought immediatly this must be from Czech Republic because of the intense grindy and gory sound delivered. Typical for Czech grind bands but I was wrong. The 4 piece band is hailing from Belarus(White Russia), the city of Gomel to be exact. Normally I expect slam from that but these guys grind you to your knees.


Another great output from the sick underground label Rotten Roll Rex Records which is active for 13 years now and just celebreated its anniversary.


The 16 songs on the album are full speed and non stop fast forward Grindcore with...



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Review - Human Mass Extermination - Under Extraterrestrial Domain


Brutal and downtuned Slam Death metal from Costa Rica. Never heared of something like that? Yeah, but now you will! The band HUMAN MASS EXTERMINATION is hailing from South America with their primitive and brutal sound. Another sick Release from label Rotten Music from the UK.


The album "Under Extraterrestrial Domain" is bringing a nice alien based theme abusing and destroying the humanity. Also their sound is pure devastation. Expect nothing less then super groovy, downtuned and froggy slam Death Metal. In the meantime you could already call this style a little more oldschool based slam or Deathgrind I would say.


You can compare them to...



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Review - Fixation on Suffering - Confined in Obscurity


Spain delivers again some ultra brutal sickness. The band called FIXATION ON SUFFERING plays a style of Brutal and blasting Death Metal exactly fitting to their bands name! From the first minute on it's a non stop orgy of fast and harsh brutality.


The album was released via Pathologically Explicit Recordings and fits perfect to the rooster of the label. The 4 piece band definitly brings the Chorizo to the table served with a glass of bloody wine. They exactly know how to present their tunes in a dark and ambient way bands like Disgorge(US), Devangelic, Condemned, Disentomb, Cerebral Effusion or Inherit Disease do.


It's dark, It's heavy and...



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Review - Mementory - Declaration of War


Bavarian Oldschool Death Metal outfit MEMENTORY release their first full length called "Declaration of War" with Rebirth the Metal Productions. Andreas, the owner of RTM, send me this some weeks ago and I put it in my player again for the review. From my first listening session I forgot what a great piece of classical driven Death Metal this is!


The theme of the album is pretty clear from the cover. It shows some soldier zombies walking over the battlefield. It represents the cruel side of the war and that is also the way this record starts. Noises from the battlefield, tanks rolling and gun shots. After the Intro the CD starts with a bomb explotion into the first song "Paradise Awaits Me". From first moment on you recognize the dominent Dismember riffs from the Massive Killing Capacity Era combined with...



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Review - No One Gets Out Alive - Die Like The Rest 


The Banjo slamming and grinding one man attack called NO ONE GETS OUT ALIVE is finally back with a new sick output which will please all moonshine drinking hillbillies. I had the pleasure to listen to this record before it is released. Big thank you to Marco of Rotten Roll Rex Records for trusting me again in doing my thing in the music underground!


Andreas, the mastermind behind NOGOA, had some years ago the genious idea to integrate southern rock/country banjo sounds into caveman riff slam brutality. I guess nobody expected something special like this would came out. Some albums and splits later we are here with the album "Die Like the Rest".


The direction is...



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Review - Ascent the Hollow - Echoes of Existence


I received a promo package from Dr. Music Promotion. It contained the brand new album of irish 4 piece Band ASCEND THE HOLLOW. This band was pretty new for me and I was excited for the first spin. I didn't expect something complex like this. I know irish people are talented musicians but this band really creates a diverse and outstanding genremix.


The 10 songs on the album deliver a great mixture of Death Metal, modern Deathcore, mixed with melodic and fragile singing parts and melancholic accoustics. Spiced up in the end with electronics. They call their style Cyber Tech Metal. I guess this pretty much hits the spot as a description. Imagin if Lacuna Coil and Carnifex had a baby while raised from Jinjer and Otep. The endresult is a really cool mix between...



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Review - Abnormality - Sociopathic Constructs


After 3 years Abnormality is back with another Opus of technical and blasting brutality called "Sociapathic Constructs". They continue were they left off in 2012 with "Contaminating the Hive Mind" but take the experience and abilities with them from "Mechanisms of Omniscience". The record is a perfect hybrid between both. The harsh and pure ferocity of the early Abnormality combined with the technical experienced and grown up band playing together for 14 years.


The album was released again via Metal Blade Records. When I said they continue were they left off is really not just a quote. It is a statement also depending that the opening song "Monarch Alpha" is a follow up to the song "Monarch Omega" from the first album. Both are the opening tracks of these albums. "Monarch Alpha" is...



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Review - Beyond Our Sight - The Void Within


The belgian band BEYOND OUR SIGHT releases their debut album entitled "The Void Within". The band presents 6 tracks plus one Bonus song called "Strenous" on the physical CD. The album is a mixture of modern and oldschool sound from different Metal based genres.


My feeling with this band is that the achieved goal was to be diverse and hard within the music but also be catchy and melodic at the same time. It should be balanced to reach a good amount of listeners and in my opinion they accomplished this goal pretty well.


The 6 musicans prove on this record that they can combine harsh metal tracks from bands like Gojira with melodic Death of In Flames spiced up with Metal/Metalcore of bands like Lamb of God or Unearth. It is a nice mixture of everything and...



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Review - Hurakan - Abomination of Aurokos


French Slamming Deathcore Hammer called HURAKAN hit you straight in the face with the album "Abomination of Aurokos". The 4 Piece band gently removes all your teeth while pulling the ground under your feet. They offer a decent mix of modern Deathcore elements mixed with more traditional and heavy slams. This creates a nice hybrid of different eras of extreme music.


The album was released on Miasma Records along with Vomit your Shirt in March 2019. So pretty fresh for all the sickoes in the scene to hear.


The topics of the album are sci-fi driven as far as I read it from the bands page. Songs like...



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Review - From The Vastland - Daevayasna


The Band FROM THE VASTLAND is an allstar formation of members from more known bands like 1349, Pantheon, Horizon Ablaze, Myrkskog, Gorgoroth and the mastermind Sina. Comming mainly out of Trondheim in Norway and Tehran in Iran. I received this album called "Daevayasna" from the label SATANATH Records from Russia which is one the world wide distributors.


The band itself delivers oldschool 90s norwegian Black Metal in the so called TRVU Way as it was called. This is already the 4th album of the formation and the material is pretty strong. I haven't been listening to a lot of Black Metal the last years but I had fun with this tunes. Reminded me to a lot of stuff I was listening back in the day. Dark Throne, Thy Serpant, Immortal...



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Review - Monochromatic Black - Pneuma



Fresh and heavy. That is what you can call the band Monochromatic Black out of New York City. Their debut EP called "Pneuma" deliver groove and technical loaden Deathcore mixed with melodic and also classical Death Metal sounds. The 5 track album is very variated and has a lot to offer. Also progressivity and complexity is not too short on this one.


The album is self released and the band was putting a lot work into it since their foundation back in 2018. One year later they unleash this beast to the audience. They really created something special and it is hard to put them into a specific closet but you also don't need to. With their diverse way of creating songs they fit to a lot of different fans of metal or extreme music.


I did an interview with them lately and I compared their sound to be a perfect hybrid of...



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Review - MĀRA - Therapy for an Empath


The band named MĀRA after the singers name comming out of Latvia is delivering groovy Thrash loaden Death Metal with a lot of melody, harsh riffs and emotions. Just formed in 2018 they already have this 5 track EP for you and toured several times in Europe. Played shows with bands like Krisiun, Sepultura and Satyricon. So better be ready for this diverse mixture of genres and extremes.


To be honest, the first time I saw...



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Review - Bloodjob - Sick Concept Humanity


The album "Sick Concept Humanity" is finally released by the German band BLOODJOB along with Strafgesicht Productions. Bloodjob is not just the name of the band. I guess it was also the program of the drummer because with all that blasting for sure he got some wounds on his fingers!


Expect nothing else then fast and groovy brutal Death Grind played like back in the day. The glory early 2000s. The making of this album took about 12 years. The band is also mentioning this within the record's booklet. Founded back in 2007 with several line-up changes and releasing two Demos, finally the band releases the first full length. What can I say, all the wait was worth it!


From first minute...



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Review - Cloudbreaker - Confinement Is Finite


German band CLOUDBREAKER self-release their first album called "Confinement Is Finite". The band was already formed back in 2011 and I was not knowing them to be honest. I was contacted by the band if I would like to do a review. I checked out their material and was fastly on board.


The album is delivering nothing less then superb progressive and melodic Death Metal. I was blown away after the first opening track "Distopia / The Sunken Moon". First time I felt like home back in the days when I started listening to Dissection in the 90s.

This is also exactly were the album...



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Review - Gore Animal - Parasite of Soul


Indonesia is delivering again and what else could it be then super sick and blasting Brutal Death. 8 tracks and 40 minutes of Death Metal debauchery. Two of the songs are demo versions of the songs "Sickening Psychological Trauma" and " Parasite of Soul" which are also contained in re-recorded version on the album. The album was freshly released on Pathologically Explicit Recordings.


After a little atmosphere building intro the album starts blasting and straight forward but in a much rougher way as expected from the sound. Normally the blasty Death Grind from Indonesia is clearer but this has a nice and dull rehearsal room sound/atmosphere the 3 members are presenting...



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Review - Vile Discectomy - Omen Inoculate


Rotten Music releases another sick underground gargler called "Omen Inoculate" from the UK based band VILE DISECTOMY. Expect nothing else then super downtuned and primitive Slamdeath.


There is not so much to find online to make a background check of 3-piece project. This is the first fresh release from the end of march 2019. I also never heared of this project before.


The 4 tracks run through in 11:22 minutes. From beginning to the end it is total slam devastation...



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Review - Profanation - Into Cascades of Blood and Bruning Soil


One of my favorite German DeathGrind Outfits is back with a new output called "Into Cascades of Blood and Burning Soil". The band PROFANATION is delivering nothing else then oldschool brutal Deathgrind in the groovy way. Released was it via Hostile Media on April 26th this year.


I can remember very well when I bought their first CD "…Dead Man Rotting" in the beginning of the 2000s. It must have been 2001 because I payed with Deutsche Mark, so yeah. It was available for 10DM in discount at Metal Merchant Magazine and what should I say. I was blown away by the brutality and groove at the same time. At that time period I was discovering a lot of bands in the veign of them. I already was...



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Review - High Inqusitor Woe - The Taint


Some weeks ago I received a message via my BLOG contact from Hard Life Promotion from the Netherlands with a request for two reviews. I am starting with the album "The Taint" from the band HIGH INQUISITOR WOE. I expected some more extreme or Death Metal influenced music but this is just pure and oldschool as fuck Doom/Sludge Metal. A really nice alternation to the stuff I normally review.


The 8 tracks on the album span from the shortest song "Stallions Doom" until the over 12 minute long end Opus "The Taint" which is also the title tack of the album. So you have about an hour to listen to with this record. I really had fun hearingl....



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Review - Flesh Throne - Bodysnatch - Son of Banishment Split CD


Pathologically Explicit Recordings is releasing a sick split CD featuring Bodysnatch from Switzerland and Flesh Throne from New York City. It is called "Son of Banishment" with an cover artwork you would first think of some Black Metal or more viking/medieval influenced bands. You see three knights standing with their swords and St. Peters Dome from Rome in the back. (If I guessed right).


If you are expecting this you are totally wrong. You will hear nothing less then heavy and midtempo driven, groovy New York styled Death Metal. 3 tracks from each band, the beginning is done by Bodysnatch. From beginning to the end of the material, the band delivers straight forward oldschool....



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Review - Debridement - Drowning in a Cesspoll of Malformy and Malady


Sick one man assault from the UK called DEBRIDEMENT is delivering the new output of excrements and sick debauchery. The album "Drowning in a Cesspoll of Malformy and Malady" was realeased via Rotten Roll Rex Records. Depending on the music Debridement still fits perfect to that sick roster.


If you heared the previous album of Connor. This is also walking in the same direction. Sick and downtuned Gory Death Metal. Sick and Groovy. Heavy as fuck with a lot of humorous intros. The 10 tracks grind their way through blood and guts. Straight forward programmed drum blasts, mixed with shreddy guitars. Guitar tone is as low as it can be. Slamming your sanity to....



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Review - Enblood - Cast to Exile


Technical and modern Death Metal from Portugal is crushing our skulls. The band ENBLOOD surprised me with a real killer and clean album called "Cast to Exile". Released on Miasma Records and Vomit Your Shirt these guys didn't come to make any prisoners. Enblood is ready to take their piece of cake they deserve from the scene.


Cast to Exile starts right ahead after an Instrumental with the title track on which even Linus Klausenhitzer of Obscura is featured. And exactly the direction of Obscura they are heading to. Those guys are no copycat, don't worry, but just that you have an expression what you can expect on this album....



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Review - Neoplassis - Abomination Programmed PROMO 2018


Straight from Switzerland this 4 track Slam-Holocaust EP arrived to me as a promo package from SIRIUS RECORDS. They released just 100 handnumbered copies of this. (I have number 35)


The promo was recorded as a two piece band. Now the line-up increased to 3 members. Ricardo Proenca - Vocals(ex-Analepsy), Patrick Küng - Guitar, Drum Programming and Joel (Mow Gli) - Bass(new member). They call their style Egyptian Mythology, Sci-fi, Slamming Brutal Death, Deathcore. I think this is more related to the lyrics because the music is for me just basic and groovy Slam Death Metal. On song two called "Depravity at Procreation", there is a little guest featured from Slamentation. Rene Barthoulot is...



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Review - The Machinist - Confidimus in Morte


New York City based extreme metal outfit THE MACHINIST deliver their first full album. I was looking forward to this for a long time since I ordered their EP back in 2017 from them. Again to mentioned that they packed me in a Beanie for free because I had to wait a little longer for deliverey but stories beside and let's go back to the album.


Released was it on Prosthetic Records who brought us some decent stuff lately. If you haven't checked out the label, just do it and enjoy the roster.


The record called "Confidimus in Morte" contains 9 tracks of really variating and virtuoso extreme music. I don't want to use genre stamps like...



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Review - Mike Litoris Complot - The Art of Pony Party


Welcome to Luxembourg pony land. Where fun and magic awaits you. The 6 piece band MIKE LITORIS COMPLOT presents along with Buppfeck Records after an little atmosphere building intro the colorful and dark sides of a fairy tail.


Expect nothing else than fun loaden umpa umpa Grind with a lots of groovy Gore, all spiced up with some juicy slam Death Metal. Opening track "Circus Slammy Granny" is showing it right away with its virtuoso song structure and changing from different gerne influences riff by riff.

The album is offering a lot of fun and besides the concept of just being silly there is some solid music under the hood. All the different elements combined bring a nice rainbow cocktail to make your head bang andWelcome to Luxembourg pony land. Where fun and magic awaits you. The 6 piece band MIKE LITORIS COMPLOT presents...



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Review - Whitechapel - The Valley


Metalblade is releasing the 7th studio album of Deathcore heroes WHITECHAPEL and it is definitly not what most fans are expecting. They begin where they left of with experimental songs from 2016's album "Mark of the Blade". The Valley is a total concept album in my opinion. The band invent themself new in a genious and progressive way without forgetting where they come from.


When they experimented very shy with some clean vocals added on the "Mark of the Blade", now they are confident enough to explore the artistical limits and bust boundaries. You cannot put them anymore just in the Deathcore genre. Thinking in drawers is not possible anymore. The band grew....



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Review - Septycemia - Frontiers if Medieval Prognosis


Sick 3 piece band called SEPTYCEMIA takes you all on a history lesson to the dark medieval age when everything was ruled by the gruesome horrors of the Black Plague. With "Frontiers of Medieval Prognosis" the band delivers the sheer brutality of Europes decimation back in the day to an audio format.


Released on PATHOLOGICALLY EXPLICIT RECORDINGS, the members of this so called all star projects are known for their brutal deeds in the bands VIRULENCY, SCATOLOGY SECRETION and MURTAD. If you know these just expect also pure blasting brutality.


Disjorge, Oscar and Christian Vega just know how to bring it to the point. Relentless blasting and guttural brutality. Played like back in the Brutal Death Metal prime and....



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Review - Phrymerial - Xenomorphic Creation


Spain is giving us this hot blooded heavy breakdown called "Xenomorphic Creation" from the slamming Deathcore maniacs PHRYMERIAL. Released on MIASMA RECORDS and VOMIT YOUR SHIRT, I received this album lately with a promo package.


The 8 songs and 25 minute long LP starts very slow and quiet before it smashes you after the Intro "GENESIS" with the first ten ton hammer called "Anunnaki Sperm Shot". Downtuned to the lowest but still catchy with a lot of technical riffing this baby makes you bang your fucking head. Pig squealing you to death to the break down rhythms and hyperspeed blasts. This record is a good mixture of the technical deathcore world and its modern influences combined along with the old age caveman riff primitive brutality....



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Review - Tomb - Entrance to Primordial Funerations


Pathologically Explicit Recording releases a 15min long insane trip into the lowest deep of hell. The 4 tack EP of the band TOMB called "Entrance to Primordial Funerations" is pure downtuned guttural and heavy sickness.


The band is an all star formation from Spain and Canada. The four members comming from bands like Virulency, Scatology Secretion, Fixation On Suffering, MDMA, Gravitational Distortion. Also in TOMB no prisoners are made. This is pure devastating destruction.


Sick and virtuoso guitar rhythms mixed with high speed blasting and some really insane guttural vocals. Especially the vocals explore the limits of mankinds vocal chords abilities. Starting from grunts, snorts, gutturals and just inhuman gargls. Everything is there. Remindes me a lot to sick shit back in the day from Torsofuck....



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Review - Venom Prison - Samsara


Fresh out of the deepest Abyss of the human soul this record haunts your spirit and shakes you to your mark and bone. VENOM PRISON delivers with their newest output "Samsara" nothing more then a re-interpretation of the Death Metal genre we know today.


Freshly released on Prostethic Records on March 15th I was really looking forward to this record because their first output "Animus" was a big surprise for me back in 2016 when I attempt to a show where they opened up for Trap Them. I also filmed their show with my little GoPro back then and bought the CD straight from the band....



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Review - Underule - Into Dust


The polish underground delivers this raw diamond called UNDERULE. Their album "Into Dust" was just released in the end of January 2019 on Nice to eat you records along with a distribution from Sevared Records.


The band was founded back in 2015 and offering here their first full length output. There is not so much to find on the web about the band and also not on their facebook page. So I will stay mostly fixed on what you can musically expect. And this is nothing more then pure blasting Death Metal.

Fast and furious...



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Review - Burial - Divinity Through Eradication


Pathologically Explicit Recordings is giving us a re-release of an underground brutal Death Metal gem from the Band BURIAL. The Diamond is called Divinity Through Eradication and is showing us all the good things of underground groovy Deathgrind we love!


This is also not just a re-release. Everything was re-recorded with better production and also a re-painting of the original cover-artwork. As I read on the band's Facebook page they really put a lot of work into this re-release and let the material shine in its whole glory. The first version was released on Metal Wrestling Alliance Records if Metal Archives is right.

The band was already founded back in 1995 and have 2 previous releases. A EP called Mourning the Millennium from 1998 and a debut album called Enlightened with...



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Some weeks ago I received a music split tape from BÖSEDEATH with INCINERATE FLESH. You hear right. A TAPE. For all who didn't know what this is, use your smartphones and google it. Tell me later in the comments how the pencil and a MC belong together?!

Besides all fun it was really cool that Daniel Schäfer send me this tape called "Saiyan SLAM Fusion". It contains 4 songs of each band and brings a real oldschool feeling with this format. Released was it on RISING NEMESIS RECORDS.


BÖSEDEATH delivering downtuned brutal death with guttural vocal assault. Groovy and slammy all the way and keep up the fun as well with some nice intros. South Park  and Beavis & Butt-Head included. The material itself is nicely produced and great to listen too. Expect some Devourment gargles and blasts combined with new and fresher elements chosen out of...


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Review - Afterbleeding - Paths of Decimation


One man band attack from Portugal AFTERBLEEDING is slitting our throats with the debut album called "Paths of Decimation". I was thinking of a Slam CD when I saw the cover and logo. Maybe I am a little bit to much in the review machinery and my routine but I was really surprised after the Intro ended!


It is released on SIRIUS RECORDS and distributed by VOMIT YOUR SHIRT. Brand new and fresh for you guys to order!


Back to the Music after my label annoucement. When I say surprised I mean this very positive. This Material of 7 Songs (first is an Intro) is really complex played...


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Review - Consumed by Vultures - In Eterno


Swiss 6 piece Band CONSUMED BY VULTURES is delivering an atmospheric and brutal Death Metal Epos called "In Eterno". The band was already formed back in 2013 with the idea to express their art as musicians through extreme music. They have a nice description for all of this on their facebook page in the biography. Also the name of the band is a traditional funeral ritual to sacrifice the dead body to the vultures and give something back to nature.


The album was already released back in September 2017 on Nice to Eat you Records and Amputated Veign Records. I just received the CD in the NTEY promo package and the CD is definitly worth doing a late review!


They also have a previous release from 2015 which is called "Demonstration of negative way". This is a 6 track EP and...


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Review - Enzephalitis- Revealed in Sickness


Straight out the swiss alps this slam blast is arriving. Enzephalitis brings a short and relentless EP called "Revealed in Sickness". Released on MIASMA Records and VOMIT YOUR SHIRT I received this from Miasma as they are my new review partners. Thank you and welcome to the family again!


I haven't heared of this project before to be honest but when I saw who is in the game it brought some light to my mind. Ricardo, Ex-Analepsy, is taking the vocal duties and Patrick Küng, I also know from some swiss fests, on the Guitar. I read a little about the bands history and they had some line-up changes after first recorded songs. They even were female fronted at first place but...


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Review - Busted Guts - Gore Induced Ejaculations


Some weeks ago I received a message via Facebook from George Elizondo. The Mastermind behind the band BUSTED GUTS and asked me if I want to do a review for his CD "Gore Induced Ejaculations". I agreed right away and forget a little about this but finally it was in my postbox after hanging in customs in Germany for a while. Straight delivered from Corpus Christi, Texas, the album is bringing a Deathgrinding frogalypse played like 10 or 15 years ago.


Everything self released. A real DIY band it has this underground Texas DM wibe with a little oldschool deathgrindy flair. 6 Songs on it. Running through smoothly in a little more than 23 minutes. Material was already wirtten and recorded in 2017. When I opened the booklet I was surprised to see...


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Review - Degragore - From Sin to Redemption


Downtuned froggings madness is what you can expect if you put the new DEGRAGORE album called "From Sin to Redemption" in your player. From first minute you have this blackended ambient feeling within this. What is pretty cool to cover the primitivity from its sound. A good combination to upgrade the quality of the songs.


Released was this piece of Sickness at Rebirth the Metal Productions. Along with other labels Satanath Records, Metal Or Die Records and Distributed by GrinderCirutano Records.


12 songs on it, the last four are from the "Kissing, Pissing, Vomiting" EP. After a short intro on the first song I.N.R.I it starts right away with the sickness. Simple Cavemen riffs combined with...


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Review - Misery Index - Rituals of Power



Deathgrinding Flagship MISERY INDEX finally delivers their highly awaited follow up to the "Killing Gods". The new sick output is called "Rituals of Power" and comes with an ultra high energy. The Love for playing this music just MISERY INDEX can deliver!


Released again on Season Of Mist Records, the album has two Versions to offer. Normal album and Deluxe Edition with two Bonus tracks. "Wasting Away - Nailbomb Edition" and "Man of your Dream" a M.O.D. Cover. I took the Deluxe Edition as I am a collector as all of you know. I should receive my copy soon from Cortex Store in Berlin. Well known place for good underground stuff. My review here is based on the Spotify listening I am doing right now to be in time for all of you guys!


Well, what can I say. From the first time I read that the band is creating...


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Review - Inseminate Degeneracy - Genesis of a Disastrous Gestation


Fresh hatched Slam Insect INSEMINATE DEGENERACY comming out of the France's Hive start shooting their madness of apocalyptic sci-fi horror influenced SLAM with their first EP called "Genesis of a Disastrous Gestation". Expect nothing else than ultra brutal and maxed out primitive debauchery.


Released on Rotten Music. The Slam roster of this sick label is growing and growing!


The CD opens up with a war zone soudning Intro and the first real tune "Disastrous Gestation" is shooting you straight in the face. When they begin the band doesn't stop over the 23:37min to...


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Review - For I am King - I


FOR I AM KING out of the Netherlands are a special act in the metalcore / deathcore or so called modern extreme metal scene. I ordered some months ago both albums from the band and was in discussion with my friend Steve from BRUTAL FEMALE FRONTED METAL about it. He told me that he is going to feature the band soon for a promotional week on the site and if I could do a review for their latest album. So here we are.


The album was released on Redfield Records.


The band has a nice description of themself on their Spotify page. Making comparisons to X-Factor, a 3.0 variation of the I-factor. The letter "I" (name of the album) which has also an importance in mathematics and chemistry should describe the complex components the band is using: modern, complex, furious but always catchy metal with...


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Review - Medeia - Xenosis


I received a request from one of the guitarists of the Band MEDEIA to do a review about their new album XENOSIS. I heared the album already on SPOTIFY and really liked it. So I quickly agreed and today I received my copy. It was even a signed one for my collection. Thank you very much Samuli for this!


The band comming out of Finland is already an old stager in the music's business. Founded back in 2002 the modern Death Metal band delivers their 4th album if I counted correct. They are here to conquer again after six years waiting to the last album Iconclastic in 2013.

The Album was released on Playground Music Finland. To be honest I never heared of that label but I will check out their releases and if...


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