Review - Moronic - Recipes for Disaster


I received this beautiful piece of music, called "Recipes for Disaster" of the band MORONIC from Morbid Generation Records lately. To be honest I haven't heard of them before and put this record totally innocent like a baby in my CD player. And damnit baby, I didn't expect that solid tank rolling over me!!!


The 5 piece band which members are active in the cene for a long time deliver oldschool rotten brutal Death Metal with influences from a lot of underground genres. Grind, Death, Crust, Punk Doom…you name it. It is really a perfect mixture of everything and just brings pure extreme joy to...


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Review - Macabre Demise - Apocalypse


The Boss behind Label Rebirth the Metal Productions, Andreas Rieger, is releasing a new EP of his one man project called Macabre Demise. 4 Tracks, 12.10min of pure classical brutal Death like played in the end of 90s or beginning of 2000s.


Oldschool and very tight, thoughtful songwriting. The 4 tracks run very smooth and give you also the vibe when you first heared tunes from Entombed, Deicide, Vader, Cannibal Corpse back in the day. Everything transported to our time the songs are really cool bangers with a lot of great rhythms, blasts,  hooks to remind and nice grooves.  In the Song "Scale of Devastation" I like the changing between blast, midtempo double base headbanging


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Review - Thirst of Revenge - Sinner


From Spain's capital Madrid the one man assault called Thirst of Revenge is comming relentless in your ears with the darkened album "SINNER". The record is full of depressing and blackend athmopshere. Overall a great ambient I can say. If you hear it for the first time you would never expect that this is a one man band. Big congrats for this to the mastermind behind Carlos Mejias!


Released 2018 on Morbid Generation records this is a special add to the Roster. Really didn't expect a full package of killer songs when I put this in my CD Player!

The 9 tracks on the album start strong and atmopspheric with...


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Intracranial Purulancy - Eugenic Post-Coital Self Crucifixion


From the back of South Italians boot, exactly the city of Bari, the band called Intracranial Purulancy is kicking you in the ass with merciless Slams from their newest output "Eugenic Post-Coital Self Crucifixion". Italy is known for it's very good and intense underground death metal scene. Delivering constantly pearls of pure brutality. Intracranial Purulancy is no exception if you compare it to what is going on in the international SLAM Scene.

Released on Rotten Music, they are ready to conquer together with that sick roster. They already released an EP called " Enthroning the Macabre" back in 2015. It was offically streamed via Slam World Wide back in 2016. I will post a link for you manicas to check it out.


Let's go back to the musical depravity happening on this sick record. 8 tracks of pure guttural...


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Suppuration - The Face Rotten by Some Satanic Possession


Bogota, the capital of Columbia, awaits with a sick compilation from the Goregrinding Death Maniacs of Suppuration. Bloody and brutal like just the south of America can deliver these kind of sound they slash their way with a sharp machete through the collection of this material. Unreleased songs, live material and two covers combine this to a 14 track CD.


Released on Morbid Generation Records, this sick album is also distributed by Sevared in the US and Amputated Veign in Asia region.


The band was already founded back in 1997 and exactly that kind of sound with gory death metal they still deliver today. I don't mean this as a bad attribute then more a pleasure to hear this. That is the sound with which I got familiar in 2000 when I started to listen to a lot of underground bands with gore influence or total goregrind bands. Bands like GORE, Impetigo, Last Days of Humanity, Exhumed and so on influenced me a lot but these guys give a lot of the chilli spice from south america to the mixture by combining nice blasts like Amputated Genitals or Internal Suffering would deliver but in a much more rough and direct way. This combines both worlds in a great way. I also have to say what is cool are the blasphemous elements these guys throw in and keep up a little dark athmopshere within the songs to make everything even more evil.


The Cd contains...


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Annihilation - The Undivided Wholeness of all Things


Epic and darkened Death Metal is comming from the hot hells of Lisboa Portugal. Portugal a weapons wrought for secret and high quality Death Metal hints is also delivering us this gem. The sharp sword is called Annihilation and they unleash it's brutality with the album "The Undivided Wholeness of all Things".


Released on Nice to Eat you Records from Czech republic and also Amputated Veign for Asia region.


The band was already founded back in 2004 and has a debut album called "Against The Storm" and a digital Ep "The Undivided" in their disco and released the mentioned album here in 2017. Maybe a late review from my site but it is never to late to talk about great and massive music. Massive describes this album perfectly. It has a wide and epic range of oldschool death metal from the atmosphere and a lot of technical detailed musical parts from newer era to create a perfect hybrid of modern, darkened death metal without losing the wibe of oldschool, depressing darkness.


It all starts with...


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Fleshless - Doomed


Czech Death Metal Powerhouse Fleshless is delivering again. The new album "Doomed" just came in and what should I say? These guys just know how to write their songs and always bringing the sickness since 1993.


Already album number 11, if I counted right, is still blasting your face off. 26 years in the underground business and not tired yet. Fleshless is shoowing the youngsters how you shredd, blast and kill while not loosing atmosphere and oldschool song structure feeling.

I have always been a fan of them since I received the album "Abhorrence Of Cadaveric" from a friend back in 2000 or 2001 and they never dissapointed me. Also not this time my friends!


CD was released on Rotten Roll Rex Records. So they are added to a sick roster of other great bands!


11 Tracks on the album, 9 if you take away the intro and outro, are just pure blasting Death Metal. Nothing more nothing less. What I really dig in this record are the small extras. A cool groovy riff there, athmosphere loaden melodies to soak everything in it's darkness....


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Bashingsay - Sadistic Scene of Brutal Massacre


Indonesia is delivering new Sickness again in form of a 5 Track EP called Sadistic Scene of Brutal Massacre. These tunes comming from the band called "Bashingsay" are penetrating your ears with non-stop guttural SLAM Brutality.  This 4 piece bands know what they want and what they want to deliver.


Released on Rotten Music from the UK. This label is building up it's roaster of sick bands more and more!!!


As uncompromising as it can be, just pure sickness. Everything is ultra downtuned, beginning from the vocals, to guitar and drum sound. Very darkened and pressing atmosphere. You feel like thrown into the end of human existence. This is also my first comparison. I took the album title of the first Abominable Putridity album because....


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Kataplexia - the rise of the unkown


I nearly had an heart attack when I saw that one of my favorite Brutal Death Grind Bands from back in the day is releasing a new album. After a wait for 10 years!!! Kataplexia is releasing the long awaited follow up to "Supreme Authority" called "The Rise of the Unknown". Released on Rotten Music.


When I was talking with Chris of Rotten Music and he said he will send me a new package of his releases I was really really looking forward to hear this new output of Kataplexia. Like a little child before Christmas. And what I should say, when I put it on I had a little nostalgic tear in my eye and was near to boner time haha. Really enjoying this right Now. The opener "Profanities of Artificial Incubation" starts straight a head and blasts your brains out. Nice influences from all sites, even a Fear Factory rhythm riff there but all trademarks of the band are still there. I just sit back and had a 30 minute fun time of pure BDM joy.


I am a fan of this band since the first album "Morgue's Reality" from 2003. I think...


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Pancrectomy - Trick or Treat


One man assault Pancrectomy release their 3 Track Promo called "Trick or Treat" on Rotten Music. This is just a 5:15min short look in maybe what is up to come from this band. Nice and funny cover done by Gruesome Graphx.


This is a break down non stop Deathcore Hammer. A little crime Slam influenced if you hear samples from Police sirenes and stuff. Besides that music is really pure and to be honest the only real track on this is number 3 called "Nocturnal".

This track could be straight from old Carnifex releases or a more breakdown influenced NYC beatdown Deathcore.......


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Comatose - The Ungodly Lamentations

Straight from the relentless hot hell of the philippines this satanic Death Metal banger called "The Ungodly Lamentations" is released from the band COMATOSE. Triple release an labels Satanath Records / Grinder Cirujano records / Rebirth The Metal Productions.


The band is reformed after their first releases and combine on this album you will find 3 new songs, 3 songs from their EP "Thy Mighty Conquest" and the song "Forever Reign Supreme" which they used to play live before as far as I read on the bands history. This together you have 8 tracks(first one is an intro) of pure oldschool satanic Death Metal worhship. These guys party like it's 1990. The sound, the oldschool arrangements, guitar solos, harsh and demonic sounding vocals make an awesome mixture you feel like thrown back in time to the glory days when Death Metal was on the rise.


In the songs you have no polished or overproduced stuff. This is just pure musical brutality like back in the day. No triggers, no big effects or something. They deliver it like straight from rehearsal room to your ears. #NoFilter

For me this makes this record much more intense and real. No fancy shit needed. A nonstop headbanger for you guys. The guitar solos really fresh up the songs, looses the tightness for reload your neck to continue rotating.

Also the atmosphere within the record fits perfectly to the aimed goal of sound I think this record wants to achieve. It's just fun listening to this if you love it oldschool. Every fanatic who was listening in their youth to this and grew up with will get some nostalgic tears in their eyes. Even the hardest rookie.


Every fan of Oldschool Death Metal with love for bands like old Deicide, Incantation, Sinister, old Morbid Angel, Immolation and so on will love this record.


For me a 9 / 10 for a great trip to the 90s. Support the Underground. Support true Death Metal. Enjoy my friends!!!


Cheers Zed

Human Prey - return of the true kings


East Germany invades with a new released 5 Track EP called "Return of the True Kings" from Human Prey. Expect nothing else then groovy and shredding Brutal Death.


Released on Morbid Generation records and Distributed by Sevared Records in US, this is the follow up the the Last EP "Eradication", Self-Titled album and first Demo "May the Hunt Begin…" Band was founded back in 2010 already.

The CD opens with an super heavy and downtuned instrmental slam injection. So your ears are gently prepared for the outbreak of devastation to come. No prisoners made from the first riff shooting out of your boxes. Relentless blasting drums, guitar shredds and grooves, combined with guttural/barky vocals with some nice screams.


Top production from the sound and great arranged songs. Band is not afraid to get out of the aimed range from the music they write and throw on some influences from Deathcore, atmospheric parts to get a little of the gas pedal and let the listener catch some breath before you are forced to bang your fucking head to the heavy groove parts. The second song "Crowned Hate" is a good example, it starts heavy and very straight to your face while at the end gets more variating with the structure and styles. So while listening to this short EP you will find more and more hooks with every spin which leave some marks in your head. I really dig the atmoparts followed up from groovy riffs to build up some tension before just releasing them in the right moment before everything explodes.


To make some comparisons again this is a great mixture of French Sicko Band Human Parasite, my Swedish grog groove master Degrade(loved and never forgotten), some Dying Fetus grooves and influences from more modern bands like Ingested, Benighted and old Suicide Silence tracks. If you like a heavy Hybrid Monster like this you will dig this record for sure!!!


9 /10 for a great EP. Can't wait to hear a new full EP. I will check out all their releases at their bandcamp. Links you will find under this review. Support these guys and buy some stuff!


Cheers Zed

Bleeding Heaven - Evolutionary Descendant of Brutality

Bleeding Heaven comming from the german NRW Death Metal scene, which is well know around the globe expecially for the NRW Death Fest, delivering their second Full length album entitled "Evolutionary Descendant of Brutality". They alrady started their path of destruction back in 2007 and have some demo's, EPS and one album in the rooster to proove their blasting qualities. On this new opus of blast beasts, complex shredding guitars and guttural vokills they proove what they learned from the past.


Released on Morbid Generation records, distributed from Amputated Veign Records and Sevared Records in ASIA/USA. Recorded was this fine peace in 2018 @ Flashback Recordings by Tim Schichtling and Mastered at DPK Studios by Dominik König. (Also well known for his activities in Stillbirth on the bass and backup vocals.)

15 tracks on this beast. 1 Intro and two songs featuring guests from No One Gets Out Alive(Song "Endless Nightmare") and Suffocate Bastard(Song "Degeneration"). After the little war Intro is over they start a non stop blast orgy like I normally hear from Indonesian Death metal bands. Hyper speed snare drumming, froggy and guttural vocals, fast guitar riffs pressing riff after riff out of the boxes. But you will be soon surprised that they can stop of the gas pedal to bring some more darkened atmosphere inside and some groovy hooks to fresh up the tunes and keep the record even tighter in the song structure.


Nice melodies within the songs and really intelligent songwriting build around the blasts. A great bassline here a groovy riff there and 300bpm blasting all the way between combines everything to a great cocktail of indonesian blasting worship and US Death metal complexity. This record is really intense and how I love my death metal. No fancy shit, just straight brutality. The varity of the songs is not degrading the brutality, it makes everything even heavier and they make the sound to their own.


No need to hide behind bands like Disgorge(US), Condemned, Ingested, Disavowed , Inherit Disease, Gorgasm and bands in the veign of. If you haven't checked them so far. This is your chance and grab your copy physical or digital. (All links under the review).


So far Discography you see here. (Taken from bands FB page)


- "Burn - Promo 2010"

- "Dead Men Walking EP" 2011

- "Descend into Darkness Demo" 2013

- "German Devastation" 2013 5-Way Split released via Bizarre Murders Productions (FR)

- "Armageddon: Soundtrack to Apocalypse" - 100-Way Split released via Bizarre Murders Productions (FR)

- "World Eating Anomaly" - Godeater Records 2015


9 /10 for a great blasterpiece from my German country mates! Bleeding Heaven is on the rise. Watch out for them and support!!!


Cheers Zed

Secret mutilation - heartless existence

Label Rotten Music from the UK is delivering this little underground all start project called SECRET MUTILATION. This 4 Track EP is featuring the following musicians:


Mats Funderud - Guitars/Bass (Diphenylchloroarsine, Dragging Entrails, Kraanium, Psychosomatic Self-Mutilation, Fermented Masturbation, ex-Congenital Malformation, ex-Daudehaud, ex-Last to Remain, ex-Three Round Burst)


Livio Wellinger - Drums/Vocals (Bodysnatch, Slamentation, ex-Corpus Domini)


Connor Karwowski - Vocals (ex-No Zodiac)


Especially Mats is a big name in the SLAM Scene and well known for his quality in delivering sick tunes. This 15 Minute Sick and Grooving Blasturbation is no exception. Much more classical downtuned Death Metal influenced you can feel the Heart root from 90s and beginning of 2000s Brutal Death Metal mixed with Mats way of writing groovy Slam Riffs. This is a non stop headbanger through the tracks. Dark and relentless like getting slowly choked to Death.

The songs were written by Livio and Mats in the time between 2012 - 2016 and finally released. Thank you for this and that it wasn't set down in your backlog of material.

The 4 tracks run through smootly and fast. After you need to put it on repeat the get all of the experience. I would also say that it got a lot of oldschool Hardcore/Beatdown in the root of the music. At least for me this was feelable. The songs on it are just heavy. Heavy Slams, blasts and rhythms and I also think that it was ment to be this way.


If you like a short and heavy trip into this world of music, then you are all set up with this EP turned on repeat in your player.

I recommend this for all NYC Death Metal fanatics, especially of those who like Pyrexia, Internal Bleeding and Bands in the veign of.


Support the underground and get this record. 8 / 10 for me. I would really love to hear a full length of this! Fingers crossed for an album in the future.


Cheers Zed

public grave - cadaverous resurrection

Near Munich in the smaller, bavarian town called Fürstenfeldbruck was a child born in 2008. It was named Public Grave and sounds like if Benighted and Aborted had a love child. The chromosomes of Benighted are much stronger in this one depending on the sound but from the child's education it is smart enough to walk it's own way and throw his ideas in the genetic cocktail. As the band already started walking back in 2008, this is the first full length output or anything else I heared about them to be honest and I was positivly surprised by it! As far as I read in the band's story they were active doing live gigs and being around the last years. So sorry for not getting to know you as I am very active.


Released on Rebirth the Metal Productions I just received the copy from my friend Andreas. I heared it before I received the physical copy on spotify and already shared it on my site because I was really enjoying this album while listening. Everything was recorded at Grotesque Studios and Demigod Recordings.


First time I saw the cover I thought it is some standard Slam stuff comming but I did not imagine this heavy and fresh jackhammer punching out of my speakers. Nice grooves, guitar rhythms, high tones, variating and blasting drums, growling deep and screaming vocal mixture. I took that lovechild theme to describe their sound for me because this was the first comparison in my mind. But parents couldn't be more proud to see their loved one to make it's own steps and develop it's own sound and this is what these guys are doing. On this album they own the sound and come in with a "BOOM". (When you heared the album you will understand. Check Song "Cranium Crush Fest" in the beginning.)


The 11 Tracks in this blasterpiece (First one is an intro) will satisfy every fan of a little modern Death Metal music, with a lot of oldschool tradition elements and brutality brought to the new era. It is not as polished as the so named parents but a more rough and raw version with own rage inside and hunger for more. I am really looking forward to new material from this band and see them live in the future.


9 / 10 for me. Let's see where the fury road will lead them. All the best to you guys.


Cheers Zed

Brutal Sphincter - Analhu Akbar

5 molesting perverts from my neighbour country to Germany, Belgium, deliver a nice new Gorgrinding Bulldozer release called "ANALhu Akbar". As said already on the album artwork they call their style "POOlitical Goregrind" and showing the middle finger with this album in a satiric approach to all extrimist idiots and freedom of speach about topics which nobody wants to talk about or is made mouth shout by politics. Also very good shown by the artwork within the booklet.


I am impressed by this approach and having the balls nowadays to do this because we live in a time of terrorism, politics getting again in a much more right-winged direction, global warming and a unsure look into the future. With that they hit absolutly the heartbeat of our time. (They also wrote a longer explanation about this in the CD back and I will publish their words at the end of the Review.)


To come back from the lyrical themes on this album and talk about the music. Like said before, 16 tracks on it, they open their output with hard grooves and bulldozer gore slams. Gargling vocals, pitshifted and heavy as fuck, perfectly fitted to the rhythm sounds. Blasts and more traditional umpa umpa dancing riffs combined to this goregrind debauchery. For me this guys take the sound of German outfit Cock and Ball Torture from  Opus(sy) VI with grooves from Egoleech and bring it to more modern sounding version of themselves. With themselves I mean also that this band is not loosing their identity while playing their tracks. Staying at their concept what they want to deliver and this is relentless brutality straigt to your face but always with a wink of an eye to keep the humor and fun up with this.


I was really enjoying this record and the 16 tracks run through smoothly and drilling the riffs in your brain with the groove. For every true Gore Fan, as I am since the beginning of the 2000s, this is definitly a must have. From the harsh confrontic topic, great production and sound and as well the good written songs. Again to mention that the topic of this album is really something special in the scene beside the standarized stuff about gore, killing, rape and stuff like that. Normally you have something like this in Punk, Crust and Grind bands but as Goregrind is a extreme version of those it is not so abnormally as you will maybe think in the first place.


10 / 10 for me. Brutal Sphincter is ready to leave their mark on the GoreGrind Scene big time. So if you haven't listened to them so far. DO IT!

Belgium will not just be known for Jean-Claude Van-Damme and Children buried six feet under (To stay with the satirical, political uncorrect topics of this album) but also for some great underground Goregrinding Brutality!!!


Cheers Zed


ANALHU AKBAR thematic explanation by Brutal Sphincter:


We had long discussions about the album name because of it's controversies but we came to the conclusion that Goregrind is the right gernre to publish this.


The lyrics have the purpose to strike the censorship that political correctness is causing. We should be able to speak about everything, even when it's not comfortable. Prohibiting words should not be the solution for an enlightened and a humanistic world. Otherwise we leave those words to the people who want to discriminate minorities.


In our opinion, we can't handle all forms of extremism as a subject with fear and ignorance, so we use a satirical approach to show that nobody should be afraid of them.


ANALHU AKBAR is not only focused on Islamic extremists. We're aiming in every direction: Right-wing terrorists, left-wing extremists, religious extremists, sexism, child murderers, political bunglers, freaks, everything most of us want to lock up in our basements.


Goregrind always had an anti-taboo mentality. Nowadays the topics about porn, feces and splatter became way to common. All we want is to bring anarchy-punk mentality back! Through the political lyrics we tried to break Goregrind's borders and show what it can also be!


So why shouldn't we dance and fuck the system?


Bludgeon - Devoted to Lunacy

3 man Army Bludgeon from UK invades the Death Metal Underground with their higjly awaited album "Devoted to Lunacy". A ruthless highspeed tornado of riffs and machine gun blasts come upon you like a storm catastrophe destroying everything in its way.


Released on high standard quality label for Death Metal PERMEATED RECORDS. Cheers to Stefan…long time no see…miss you man!


11 Songs on it, three are an intro and an instrumental song(number 8 - "Malefic Volition" which is a perfect pitstop in the album to catch some breath, relax and fill up your energy again for the rest of the armaggedon awaits) and outro. Fast Forward is the topic of this album I would say. In a high technical and weired song structure way. Sick complex riffs one after another, it is really hard to follow the speed. Drums are just blasting its way, as mentioned before, like a gatling gun through flesh and bones. Accompanied with ultra sick, gargling Vokills. All combined together it really feels like a storm you don't know where you at and it just takes you with it and leaves no survivors. "No Mercy, God is not here today!"


The songs are rushing forward and you feel all the time like getting hardly hit by Indiana Jones whip - "run motherfucker, run!!!". To be honest I have to be in the mood for a harsh record like this because no sit back and relax here but if you are into it, it is just so rewarding in my opinion. This one is defintly not for the weak. Let's see if you can take it people, haha!


To make some comparisons I would say from the whipping riffs and weired, complex writing Aposepsy and some tech grind bands from czech like Psychotic Despair. Death metal tech based influences I would say Deeds of Flesh, Internal Suffering, Unmerciful, Spawn of Posession and so on.  At some spots it also reminded me to the more complex parts of Lust Of Decay songs. Really a good and bloody cocktail combined. Like said before, you need to really want and swallow that stuff but the boozing is definitly worth it and legendary.


10 / 10 for me. Put this on and get shredded and blown away. "Fire in the Hole" \m/ BOOM \m/



Cheers Zed


Meathook - Crypts, Coffins, Corpses

Brutal Death outfit Meathook is back from the Arizona dessert to bring the highly awaited follow up to 2012's "Facing Deformity". Also it is released on one of my all time fav labels from abck in the day "Unmatched Brutality". I am happy to see the roster grow again.


The Album called "Crypts, Coffins, Corpses" continues where they left of and delivers nothing else then pure US styled guttural brutality. They blast their way through 9 tracks of sheer death grinding madness. Fast drumming, shredding guitar riffs and ultra guttural vocals. The vocals remind me of the band Aversion to Life and also old Sintury stuff. Pretty much texas BDM influences here recognizable. Overall I would say this band could come out of Texas depending on the writing and the sound. Not just on the vocals. Also the guitars remind me a lot of Prophecy and some Insidious Decrepency touches here and there but not as technical playful as more straight to your face.


The band doesn't come along as a copy cat. They are writing their songs clever enough to create something on their own. I know this is pretty hard in this genre. Also sometimes in the slower, more oldschool death metal parts where things get more groovy and nice to headbang I had to think of "Butchered at Birth" album of Cannibal Corpse. When it comes to the darker atmosphere which is a big part of this album for me I would say it makes me more feel like Immolation related sounds.


I make a lot of Comparisons here I know to get you an impression of the sound which the guys created here. The sounds combined together make a real full and satisfying Brutal Death Metal album which will increase the heart beat of every true fan of this genre, especially the TXDM sickoes!


For me a strong 9 / 10 for a great blasterpiece!


Cheers Zed


Jinjer - micro EP

After continously touring the last two years and still going on, Jinjer made to write in times between 5 new Songs and release this EP called "Micro" on Napalm Records in January 2019.

Ultrahard working outfit from Ukrain exploring the limits of the musical boundaries if they even have such a thing like boundaries. Pushing their writing abilities the newer levels with a much more progressive way. It is very pleasant to join them on their journey to new places. I guess their excessive touring was also a big part of the writing process. This record really feels like a long distance trip from the emotions it brings to your body.


The 5 Songs called "Ape", "Dreadful Moments", "Teacher, Teacher!", "Perennial" and "Micro" are all little pieces of art of their own. Within those songs they really show what they are capable of. Musically and lyrically. Tatiana also proves what a fantastic vocalist she is. Her extreme vocals were always on point before but now her cleans went to a new level of perfection.


The music writing invaded newer areas. Complexe guitar and basslines for which you need much more than one listening to explore. It gets better and better with each listening for me so far.

Emotionally the songs are much deeper as what you have heard before from the band. Dive into darker passages of Jinjer's soul while listening. They have enough spots in the songs to catch your breath of what you just heared and it is much more melodic as you maybe were used to but they never let down the heaviness and know the exact moment to pull the trigger and blow your ears away.


To go more into detail on the single songs I would say "Ape" is the song which has the most in common with the previous material of Jinjer but still is new and fresh. Nice rhythms and vocal leads though the song. Really catchy.

"Dreadful Moments" is a deeper journey into the emotional feelings of Tatiana as far as I read it also on the web. (Not confirmed) The Song has a lot of fragile moments where you just get soaked into emotions but still a lot of agressions to explode. There is a good harmony between those two ingredients.

"Teacher, Teacher!" starts with a little hip hop speak singing in the beginning but just very short. Didn't expect that to come, after it gets much more straight and agressive but still enough variating to stay interesting the whole song through. Very Smart Songwriting.

"Perennial" ist the last full song on it and is really a banger. Especially the opening riff part which you just want to bang your head to. Very progressive through the whole song. Balancing between heaviness and melodic parts is very accurate. Overall you can say Jinjer was very sophisticated in the songwriting.


The Last title Song "Micro" is a Bass Guitar driven accoustic song. Very chill out and a warm/round ending to this EP. Eugene is showig here his ability to write nice bass lines.

Overall a nice short journey Jinjer is taking you with them. Also a great look out where they are want to go but the journey is not over yet. For me it feels they want to go much further and I am hungry to see how this trip will end for them.

You can check out 3 Songs on YouTube for which they released Videos. One Link below.




For me this record is a 9 / 10. I took one point away because I want to see where they are going and what territory of their artistical musiacianship they explore next. Take that as a request and use the heat to push your limits even further. I know you can do it.


Everyone else…enjoy this little masterpice.


Cheers Zed


duramater - rotten porn gore

German two Piece Porn Gore Sickoes Duramater unleash their first Brickstone Cumshot to your face entitled "Rotten Porn Gore". Released on Clabasster Records. This is a co-operation Between Matze the singer of Meatknife and Mike(Ex Bowel Evacuation).


Goal of this record was total fun & cum loaded GoreGrind and I would say "Mission accomplished". 10 Songs filled with lovely chosen intros/samples. Germany's finest. Sadly the not german native listeners will not get the intros and they are so funny. One of the best parts of the records. Sometimes I like to call this kind of primitive brutality mixed with sounds from movies "Sample-Grind" because together it is combined to full piece of art/concept. Even they chose a legend called "Voll Assi Toni" a internet banger back from 2006 in the song "cuntshit". For all who didn't know check it out here:


Voll Assi Toni   Die Wahrheit Das Original


I drifted a little to much to the samples right now but this is what I ment by saying all together makes it complete. The record is a non stop entertaining groovy gore orgy. Umpa umpa rhythm, pitshifted gore vocals, stompy drums. Nothing new, nothing specials but hey…it makes fun and that is what counts. Even the bigger magazine "Legacy" give it a shot by counting 10 points for this record. Awesome and refreshing.


If you are into straight to your face, funny and shit/cum loaded gore with lots of samples and never serious at all, this is your band. For people who understand german double recommended because without you will miss half of the fun. Last time I had fun like this in the same way was with the Morsgatt release called "Buttmud". (Also recommended if you like this one)


If you are into Matze's other Band Meatknife, Gut, Rompeprop, Gutalax, Spasm and so on. This will be totally yours. If you want to reset your brains in 30 minutes, just relax and get entertained put this record on.


7 out of 10 for a short and lovely trip into the world of "Rotten Porn Gore"


Cheers Zed 



except one - fallen

Except One comming straight from the France underground in Paris with an explotion to the Scene. I just discovered them and they are my secret tip of the early year 2019. With their first full album "Fallen" they created a massive output of an extensive mixture between melodic Death Metal, Deathcore, Metalcore and even progressive influences.


This hybrid becomes something on its own depending to the sound. The 12 tracks on it are just killers no fillers. Not one single song is just a place holder to extend the album length, like many bands do, all are just brilliant written and have the power to stand for itself.


The 5 piece released an EP before in 2016, called "Haunted Humanity" which is also great but on "Fallen" they improved the compositions/writings and pushed their songs to newer limits.

The female vocalist Estelle brings a wide range of extreme singing. Starting at a more classical rough hardcore barking voice to more death metal orientated deep growls and screams everything is there and very intense.

Musically, as mentioned before, it is a great mixture of different genres they are making it to their own. The melodic parts/guitar solos are perfectly fitted into the shredding and fast parts of the songs to fresh it up and keep it as a hooking reminder in your brain.

Songs like "Until the World Burn", which its high tone lead riff just fucking bangs, is a good example and also the song "Nothing" to which they released already a music video.


Link here: EXCEPT ONE - NOTHING (Official Videoclip)


This is also what I meant with saying that every song is strong enough to present itself but all together it is combined to a concept album which doesn't need to hide behind big bands in the scene.

This album destroys newer albums of bands like Arch Enemy with a blink of an eye. Even if the style is different, I just compared because both are female fronted bands in death metal orientated music. So keep and eye out for these guys(and girl), they didn't come to leave. They came to stay and conquer!


I hope they will start a new tour soon and maybe come over the border to germany and I can check them out. Also I would like to tape the liveshow. Maybe we can see this soon…stay tuned!


For me definitly a 10 / 10. My number one discovery lately. They are a D.I.Y. band. So please support them if you can. I already ordered the CDs/Shirt and they signed it all with a nice message and everything. Very nice and dedicated band to the fans.


Cheers Zed


deep dirty -  brutal silence

Mastermind behind 666 Strings Records, Rape Machine and Guitar Builder Stefan delivers a new blasting gore project calles DEEP DIRTY. Name of the album is "Brutal Silence" and contains 16 Tracks of total hormonizer pitshifted shredding GoreGrind.


Always straight forward and without any compromises. Well produced from the sound and a good overall concept fitting to the sound. No cliche depending on guts and gore covers. He is more representing himself as a boss mode depending on the character he created for his musical creations. (As seen on the cover)


Musically it is all solid Goregrind but for me with no extraordinary hooks. It runs through very smoothly, also the groovy parts can make your head bang but it will not last long in my head. Some clever integrated intros to keep up the downtuned atmosphere and also stay a little in the dark region as well makes the sound much fuller. I think the combination of the atristical concept, combined with music works well for this release.


Deep Dirty could also prove its live qualities at obscene extreme 2018. You can check it in the link below.


DEEP DIRTY - Dirty spasm Live


There is also a special edition out, which is a cool idea in my opinion, a special case usb stick edition. In modern times we are living in and everything is digital this is a very nice idea and also a good trick to stcik out of the bride mass of underground releases. Nice special edition to put in your collectors shelf. I attached some pictures for you to check it out. (For ordering contact straight at bands page)


Overall it is a nice Goregrinding release with a great sound, blasting brutal songs and sick pitshifted vocals perfectly fitting to this music.


For me a 8 /10. Recommended for all underground gore sickoes!



Cheers Zed 

meatknife - junky town

The PornGore Butchers called Meatknife are back with a new Opus of Gargling Gore debauchery called Junky Town. They Groove their way through 16 Songs drenched with Guts, Cum, Blood, Shit and all other liquids you can think of.


All trademarks this band generated over the years are there. For long time fans it is a must have. Also the humor within the goregrind songs doesn't come last. Especially Songs like "Grind-A-Billy" shows this. This song really has its quality, even playable in a beer tent to have a nice goregrind party with countless liters of the blond ice cold gold!


Besides humor and recognizable hooks from Meatknife, they are not shy to try some new elements when it is comming to the athmopshere. Already at the opener "Horrortrip" to hear. That makes the record more interesting and remindable. I think the mixture of newer members of Meatknife and old rookies like Matze this combines two generation of extreme music fans within the sound. Depending to this Meatknife opens their art to older and a newer generation of extreme music sickoes. Nice guttural harmonizer vocals, groovy guitar riffs with some hooks, blasting drums and great blood drecnhed atmosphere combined to an awesome result will offer something for every fan of this genre.


For all others who didn't hear before from this band and you like some decent groovy goregrind you should definitly give it a try. I recommend this for all fans of Rompeprop, Gut, Cock and Ball Torture, 5 Stabbed 4 Corpses and bands in the veign of.




Cheers Zed

epicardiectomy - Grotesque Monument Of Paraperversive Transfixion

If there is one word to describe this release then it is Heavy. Heavy blasting drums, heavy downtuned shredding guitars, heavy guttural vocals and an overall heavy smashing and headbanging slam atmosphere. I like to quote here my friend of Internal Bleeding - Chris Pervelis. Music needs to be heavy, there is not just metal it needs to be heavy metal and this is definitly as first said the accomplished goal of this output called Grotesque Monument Of Paraperversive Transfixion.


Epicardiectomy doing there thing for some years and definitly found their style of writing songs and an overall concept of how they want to sound like. If you liked the first Cephalotripsy (OFFICIAL) album this is for me a straight follow up to this sound. No copy cat here but just an perfect evolution of this kind of sound. Taking the basic parts of a perfect primitive guttural brutal slam album and taking it to perfection within the boundaries.


For me this records didn't get boring at any spot. Normally I am really fed up with the amount of slam releases but the songs are so well written in my opinion and the arrangement of grooviy slamming riffs combined with followed up by blasts at the right time to fresh up the songs and keep some pushing speed in it is perfect. At many points you just want to bang your fucking head and smash it against the wall. It just makes your body want to move and this is a good thing. With more run throughs you find more and more details about the riffs and arrangements. Good thought song structures. It is an art in itself to push songs of a limited genre to new interesting limits without getting into a progressive direction and keep the pure brutality.


This is definitly a must have for every fan of Cephalotripsy (OFFICIAL), Artery Eruption, Dissevered, KRAANIUM, Extermination Dismemberment and Bands in the veign of. 10/10.


Get your copy from New Standard Elite or straight from the bands band camp. Please support those guys. Also a sad statement I have to tell. I know from my friend Serge Rhino, who is the guitarist of Epi, that the Album found its way illegally to the web before official release. Please stop doing this. It takes the ability of the bands, especially in the underground, to keep doing their thing. Support this bands at least with a little love, buy the album digitally, physically, buy a shirt and come to the shows. They love the music they do as much as you do or even more. From fans for fans. We are all a big family and should support each other.


Cheers Zed 🍻🔨

bitchfork - zombie cows from outer space

New German Gore Outfit called Bitchfork deliver finest, called by themselves, Farmgrind. Three guys coming from the landsides, taking care of cows getting bored and say…hey why not record some groovy goregrind.


The result was just released on Splatter Zombie Records entitled “Zombie Cows from Outer Space”. On the first thought you will maybe think this is just some standard gore grind stuff but for me with some run throughs it became a really secret hint to newer gore releases.


Nice grooves and melodies, if you can call it so, with the ultra downtuned guitars. Stompy, d-beat rhythm drums mixed with sick harmonizer vocals brings this to a complete fresh milked and filled famers can. Juicy and delicious!


The Band is grooving their way through 18 songs on the album with everything a gore fan can ask for. Also some nice rhythm and musical ideas which keeps this records and interesting. Groovy and good for a headbang as well.

Live Shows for 2019 are already confirmed for Grabbenacht festival and Aggressive Music Fest in Mai/June. So grab you chance by the udder and check these guys out.


If you like Bands like gutalax, Rompeprop, 5 Stabbed 4 Corpses and so on you will have a great GoreGrind Party fore sure. Umpa Umpua, Bree Bree, Mow Mow…Enjoy!!!




8 / 10 for me!!!



Cheers and a nice 2019 to everyone!!!

cripper - human prey

Rise from the Ashes. If something ends, something great can begin. This hits the spot of CRITICAL MESS. Britta Görtz and Lommer of Cripper continue killing it with their new project after quitting Cripper at their highest point. Better to stop on top when it still is fun but this is not the story of this review.


Critical Mess already founded back in 2012 now unleasing their unrelentless brutality with their debut called Human Praey.


Released on Metalville this CD is packed with loads of power and fresh ideas to conquer the worldwide Death Metal scene.


From brutal fast blasting to midtempo grooving Human Praey is full packed with shredding riffs and hooks to stay in your head for a while. You can really feel the passion the 4 guys playing their instruments and fill these songs with atmosphere. Britta completes everything with her rough and barky Death Metal voice. Straight to the face, oldschool and just rips your face off…in a good way! Even Jeff Waters of Annihilator gives his spice to the record with playing a nice Guitar Solo on Song 7 called “On Rotten Grounds”.


What makes this record really authentic and atmospheric is that the 5 members just do what they love and play what they love. This passion produced 10 songs of groove loaden blasting oldschool death metal spiced up with a little grind as well. If you like old Morbid Angel, Entombed, Vomitory, Napalm Death, Cannibal Corpse and bands in the veign of you won’t be disappointed! A must have for every Death Metal Lunatic!


9 / 10 for me!!! Enjoy and get your copy as soon as possible!!!



Cheers ZED 🤘🔨

reprisal - none survive the sun

Epic Blasting Death Metal at its best!!! Reprisal just fucking deliver at highest standard...get your copy of "NONE SURVIVE THE SUN" as soon as possible!!!


Technical, groovy and just brilliant!!!


9 / 10 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘

Cryptic Enslavement - perverse hallucinatory descent

Cryptic Enslavement bringing some new ultra guttural blasting BRUTALITY!!! Very great stuff!!! 8/10 


Out on Gore House Productions - get your copy soon!!! 🔨🤘

apophys - devoratis

Apophys hit the Death Metal Scene hard with their second relase called “Devoratis”. The Dutch War Machine delivers a tasty soup of technical and groovy Death Metal.

Bestly described as a gory ragout sauce. Basement is modern Italian technical Death Metal like Hour Of Penance, FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE and Demiurgon. Also the album was produced by Stefano Morabito who worked for the named bands. Everything is round up with spices from bands from the north like BEHEMOTH!, Illdisposed and a creemy touch of atmosphere from Bands like Disbelief.


Perfect produced and a real thick sound brings a lot of pressure within the music and is packed in a great atmosphere. The 9 tracks run through smoothly blasting their way with groove on your ears. Shredding guitars and barky more classical Death Metal vocals with shouts fit really nice to the instrumental elements.

Apophys are really ready with this material to leave their mark on the modern Death Metal scene with ashes behind them. Keep your eyes open for these guys to conquer!

Out on Ultimate Massacre Productions from Czech Republic. They fit perfectly in the rooster of the label. High quality Death Metal bands who know what they are capable of. Less releases, more quality! UMP is on the rise as well. Unique Leader watch your back!


The album is recommended for Fans of the Bands mentioned above and every real Death Metal fanatic who knows what a good sound is!



9,5 / 10 for a nearly perfect release. Can’t wait to see these guys killing it on stage. Keep a cold one ready for me…cheers!!!


Dani Zed \m/

atoll - fallout frenzy

This shit hit me like a fucking jackhammer in my face! The album “FALLOUT FRENZY” of Atoll from Phoenix Arizona deliver a strong set-up of pure brutal slammage depravity.


The 5-piece band has an awesome groove to their slams which are ten ton heavy. Didn’t hear a heaviness like this in slam also from the tight productions in a long time!


Their tunes are really Russian influenced when it comes to the primitive brutality from bands like old Abominable Putridity and Extermination Dismemberment.


This stuff just makes you move and hits your face before you can hide. All this pure brutality mixed with a playfullness on the instruments and especially some guitar fancy plays thrown in fresh this record up a lot and keeps it interesting the whole time through.


Out on Gore House Productions definitely a must have for all slams fans and addicts to heavy music. Really a surprise find for myself this year.


Horns up for ATOLL!!! Keep the SLAMS cumming brothers!!! \m/



9 / 10 for a great and groovy slam album. Buy, slam and be happy fuckers!!! Cheers!

hideous rebirth - la fosa comun

California hit me again straight in my heart of Death Metal but in a glorious way. Hideous Rebirth is back with a Full Length called “La Fosa Comun”. Out on Gore House Productions.


I own the first release “Particially Devoured” when this project was just a one man band by the Duane Gutierrez. Now formed as a full line-up band they are stronger than ever. This 4 piece band from Riverside California released a 12 track CD with unrelentless blasting, smashing and groovy brutality.


From the first song it soaked me into it. I just wanted to bang my head and get crazy in the pit for this. I immediately had this GORGASM(official) vibe from the music and this is in my opinion the most comparable band to their sound. This is not ment as a statement of imitating their sound as more a compliment how great their songs are composed and written. Great structure, awesome sound and production. They just nailed it. Congrats!


The 12 songs run fast and smoothly through your ears. You just have to give it a listen after it again because it is that good. If you are a fan of GORGASM or bands like Cannibal Corpse, Vile, Skinless, Suffocation, Pyrexia, Deeds of Flesh and so on this is definitely a must have for you and all fans of good Death Metal. Just buy a blind copy you won’t be disappointed!


Hide out for these sickoes to bring you a fresh wind in the brutal Death Metal world. Support and give it a try.


…so I have to go and listen to this sick record again… 10 / 10 for me!!!



Cheers… Dani Zed \m/

cannibal corpse - red before black

There is one thing in Death Metal which comes to daylight every two to three years…a new Cannibal Corpse album. After “A Skeletal Domain” & “Torture” CC brings us another output in the same veign called “Red before Black”. The title was pretty easy explained by CC’s drummer Paul Mazurkiewicz. When you get killed first it’s red = BLOOD, then it turns black = You’re Dead!


12 tracks of everything you could expect of CC. All their latest trademarks are there and they just know how to write a CC album. Expect nothing new or special. It is just a good sounding album in the veign they are writing. If you go into this album by just wanting something good to listen to you will easily enjoy it because the access to this as a Death Metal fan is an open door. Good written songs, perfect played instruments and production. That’s it but nothing more. CC is not experimenting with their sound. They know what they can and what a “standard” CC fan wants to hear and they deliver just perfect.


I bought the to 1500 copies limited Boxset from EMP which is a cool thing to own but a little to expensive in my opinion. 10€ less would have been fair but hey…I am a fan and CC lives from their music…so it is fine.


Check my unboxing video: Link


Like I said before it is just pure Cannibal Corpse. Nothing more and nothing less. If you want some perfect produced and easy listening Death Metal this is your album.


For me a 9 / 10.


CC never disappoints. True Story so far…we’ll see if this continues in about 2 – 3 years…I hope they will stick around for some more years and don’t get too old for this shit. We need bands like this to keep the kingdom of our hearts which is Death Metal alive!



Cheers \m/

Last days of Humanity & Satan's revenge on mankind split

A Split MCD with Gore Grind Veterans Last Days of Humanity and Satan's Revenge On Mankind (official). What can you expect? Nothing else than 100% GORE Sickness.


The CD last not even 18 minutes but runs through smoothly and dirty as expected. Great artwork for which you can check on my page a video where I show all the details.


9 Songs on it, 7 from LDOH and 2 from SROM. The LDOH songs are a live recording back from 2006 which was recorded in “Vera” – Groningen. THE SROM stuff is newer material from 2016/17. For me personally you don’t even notice that it is a live recording of LDOH. It could have been on some of their other release. Really dig the raw sound. These guys are just legends on this genre.


SROM’s material is groovy, stompy and primitive Gore brutality. A lot of midtempo parts and dark atmosphere. Perfect fitting horror soundtrack vibe.


Sadly this CD is just so short I would have loved to listen more to this sick stuff. I just can say it is a must have for all Fans of those Bands and every Gore fanatic. This is why I don’t give a rating because for me this is a love it or hate it thing. It is 100% GORE and you need to be a sicko of this music to enjoy. That’s it. Buy or die…Cheers \m/



Out on Splatter Zombie Records!!!

analkholic - strictly drunk

ANALKHOLIC from New Caledonia, a small Island between Australia and New Zealand is bringing with their album "Strictly drunk" total Gore Holocaust.


Out on Rotten Roll Rex


This 2 piece Band is a hybrid between Last Days of Humanity, Rompeprop, Mortician and Gutalax. All soaked in Blood and Porn. Really Sick Material. A lot of Party Umpa Umpa Grooves and Riffs...super downtuned vocals...and Shreddy guitars. Every fan of pure Gore will love this for sure.


Sadly for me it is a good sounding standard Gore Record. I recommend this for all Fans of the Bands above and those who like it rough and dirty!



5 / 10 for me! 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘

NATRIUM - Vertigo of Abjection

I had the pleasure to pre-listen to the new NATRIUM album called "Vertigo of Abjection"!


Big Thank you to Mallika Sundaramurthy (OFFICIAL) & Serge Rhino of Ultimate Massacre Productions for giving me the opportunity!


This record is really kicking ass. Nice mixture of the 2000 - 2005 blasting Death Metal era with some technical touch in the veign of Spawn of Possession / Visceral Bleeding. Mixed with good elements of more darker/classical Bands like Cannibal Corpse, Immolation and of course now pretty common italian bands like Hidious Divinity and in the veign.

This all combined is bringing a great mixture of sounds and came out an awesome tight album.

For all fans of pure, hard and at the same time a little bit more technical Death Metal this is a must have!


Italy is bringing another killer Band! The highest in the European standard at the moment!



Out July 17th. Get it! 9 /10 for me!!! 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘