Interviews · 16. October 2019
Interview with Morgan Lander of Kittie / Karkaos. We talk about her joining to the band Karkaos, first shows, her Witch Finger Horror Podcast and the past with Kittie. A lot of great inside views from her.
Interviews · 06. August 2019
Interview - VINTERSEA about the new album, last and new tour and inspiration for the band
Interviews · 29. July 2019
Interview - Profanation - Bassist Anton Röthig
Interviews · 31. May 2019
Interview with my brother from another mother Max Santarelli. We talk about his ongoing projects and friends serious Interview...cheers
Interviews · 31. May 2019
Podcast Interview with Amanda Gjelaj of the New York based Band THE MACHINIST. We talk about the last tour, creation of the album, Music Videos and what is going on in her life!
Interviews · 27. May 2019
Interview Podcast - Abnormality - Mallika Sundaramurthy
Interviews · 13. May 2019
Interview - Zach White - Bludgeon - We talk about the new album and what happened around the creation of it and why it took about 20 years to create a debut album
Interviews · 30. April 2019
Interview - Lommer of Critical Mess - We talk abou t the soonc omming album and what changed since the last one
Interviews · 26. April 2019
Interview - Monochromatic Black - We talk about the upcomming album, future plans and how they came together
Interviews · 24. April 2019
Interview - Adrian Lira of SICK

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