Interview - Max Santarelli - Xenomorphic Contamination and many more...

D: Hey my brother, thank you for being part of my new interview wave. How are you man? I know we write often enough in whatsapp but how is life in Milano area right now?


Max: Hi bro, that’s right we write regulary on whatsapp and that’s great man. Also my friend, I work and play music and when I have time I write music. From time to time go to a show and live the ordinary life you know.


D: I am supporting you since the early 2000s with VOMIT THE SOUL. Since you decided to put an end to VTS you started so many bands. Lately you put out POSTHUMAN ABOMINATION and PIT OF TOXIC SLIME. Recording new stuff for XENOMORPHIC CONTAMINATION and also KABAL is comming up. How do you handle this man? What is your secret, haha?


Max: Oh yes Dani, you are a long time fan. Cazzo ;D I am proud of our friendship and the long support over the last years for everything I created and produced. I am really busy as you know but also my bands / projects are my whole life and passion. And this will always be this way!  I always find time to write new songs and with my experience(because I am aged, haha) I need less time as I used to need. The only secret is the passion for music!


D: I know man you just live the music as a lifestyle. Could you imagine a life without creating music or even without Death Metal?


Max: Hmm, as far as I know myself I would say no. But on the other hand I renounce a lot of interests and potential passions so that I can fulfill all my music creations. Oh boy, who knows in a different life in which I could start over again I would maybe be a criminal or football gamer...or a die hard disco fan, haha!

D: I think last time we met was at my wedding in 2015. Damn, this is far too long! Are you having big touring plans for 2019 with your bands? Maybe something I can catch up in Germany?


Max: Yes, bro! Way too much time. Cazzo! This day was so beautiful and emotional! It was an honor for me to be there! We hope that something will happen in Germany. Doesn’t count with which band, the main thing is that we meet! For sure I would come you visit, haha…sometime in the future! So far we don’t have any dates but I am confident that we will have something soon!


D: Congrats by the way to Las Vegas Death Fest booking for this year with XENO and POSTHUMAN. How did this come up? Were you adressed by the fest or did you ask to play?


Max: Thank you! I am really excited and can’t wait for it! Yes, they asked us if we can play there with two bands and that we will on such an important US festival makes me very proud!

D: This will be your first US appearance since the MODUS DELICTI Tour! Are you nervous to go back again and play this sick fest with bands like LITURGY? I think we all are still fanboys of those bands we grew up with…I guess I would kill to see this line-up!


Max: No bro, I am not nervous. I am electrified and fully loaded! I am really excited to see a lot of bands and american friends which I haven’t seen in a long time!


D: I think the italian and especially the north italian Death Metal scene is pretty close and intense by the countless number of high quality bands comming from bella Italia! How would you describe the scene in your place? Is it a big family?


Max: I would say there are great band all over in Italy which keep the Death Metal Underground at a high standard. But yes, in the end we know each other for years. With some you have close relationships with other not so much but the musical respect for each other is totally there and that makes me proud!


D: My newborn son is half italian man…can you come over and help me learning? (haha…not a serious question)


Max: Hahaha. I can’t wait man!

D: What are you listening to lately? Any recommendations I should maybe review?


Max: A lot of Hardcore and the ordinary oldschool stuff. The good Brutal Death of the 2000s.


D: As a Death Metal maniac as you are. You have more projects in the pipeline and what band would you say is your priority at the moment?


Max: They are all at the same level and have the same priority. With XC I just have to record the Tracks when the studio is free. The album is ready if you say so. With P. Abomination I am writing the second full length at the moment like with Pit of Toxic Slime as well. With Kabal we just released the debut album and we already have 7 new songs in the pipeline for a new album! Everything is running parallel so step by step bro, haha.


D: What would you say, which bands did influence you the most to start VTS back in the day? Did you ever thougt of exhume the band or do some shows again? (I am praying every night! PORCO DIO…hahahaha!)


Max: I have to admit I am thinking of it from time to time. But honestly I have too much in my head with my active bands and I would risk to cause too much chaos right now. But never say never bro. The doors can be opened any time.


D: I know you are very busy buddy and I can't wait to see you again! Hopefully this year! You still need to visit again! ??


Max: Sure man, I hope so too!

D: Now last words are on you! Something you want to share? Or say just something dirty in italian!!! Minchia!


Max: Overall I want to thank you for your passion and your support! Thank you that I could say something to Kabal because it is my newest band and it is pretty much unknown. I am waiting for your review and I know that you are a pationate Hardcore New York groove man like I am. Thank you again and see you soon bro!




XENOMORPHIC CONTAMINATION - Colonized from the Inside - 2016 (FULL ALBUM)

POSTHUMAN ABOMINATION - Transcending Embodiment



Vomit the Soul - Apostles of Inexpression

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