Interview - Zach White - Bludgeon

D: First of all how are you man and how have you been lately. Any big news for Bludgeon?


Zach: Hey Dani Z! Thanks for the interview brother! All good over here and things with the band since the release have been really good. We've had an amazing response to the album. We already begun writing a new album before DTL was released, I'd say we are almost half way complete on the next record. 


D: When you wrote "Devoted to Lunacy", did you exactly know what you wanted to achieve with this album and be this fast and extreme?


Zach: DTL wasn't something that just happened, it was a long process and collaboration between all three band members. We probably have around five or six songs that didn't make it onto the record, we dropped them as they were older material and didn't quite fit anymore for us. I'd say they were more like the ’Realm of Decay’ material that was featured on our previous split cd. When Chris joined he added a puzzle piece and colored the newer material in a way that made some old songs redundant. We basically natured and upped our game. Newer material got written and the DTL album you hear today is vastly different to what you would of heard say ten years ago.


D: The album is really virtuoso and got a strange and crazy song structure. Where did you get your ideas from for this sick shit?


Zach: To give you just a straight answer on that every single musician writes in their own personal way. Chris writes the majority of his material on electric guitar, Tim is kind of a hybrid of that, using both electric and acoustic, and also piano too. And I only have an acoustic so my stuff is all written on that. I guess that's how we get a wide range of riffs and strange compositions throughout our material. Plus we like to do things our own way, which in turn makes it crazy.


D: Guest appearances from Mike Majewski and also my german countrymate and friend Konni of Despondency are featured on the album. How did that happened?


Zach: We all know those guys personally, I met Konni when we played with both Defeated Sanity and Despondency, and Mike from many years of talking and when I travelled to Barcelona to watch Devourment play. I also buy art from Mike, I have a couple of originals from him in my room. 

Both really killer guys and well respected vocalists, I asked them if they would do it and luckily for us they agreed. It turned out great and they sound amazing on the record. 

D: How did your work come along with Permeated Records? Did you adress Stefan or did he adress you guys?


Zach: Permeated approached us probably about five years ago now, maybe more. We had a few offers from various labels but signed with Permeated Records in March 2018. We've unfortunately had a lot of problems with this release in terms of communication between the band and label, also on terms of the label fulfilling their part of the deal, hopefully it gets sorted out soon.


D: Where did you record the album and why. How was the writing and recording process? Some inside view you want to share?


Zach: The majority of it got recorded in Tim's home studio (chase studios) a couple of the tracks towards the end of the CD were originally on our 2013 promo which we used to gain interest into the band with some of its newer material. We had the guitars re-amped at ritual studios by Samuel Turbitt. That guy has some crazy skills, I recommend everybody to hit him up for studio requirements.


D: As far as I read the band already formed in 1994 and released some Demos and EPs but this is your first full length. Why did it take 25 years to fullfill?


Zach: I think the actual year we released something was around 1997, we released the ‘Mainstay of Hatred’ two track demo tape. So I'd say we've been around since 97. There are many reasons why it took so long, I could go on to say family life, band members, failed recording attempts, waiting over a year for a guy in the USA to mix it for us, then not wanting to do it after we had paid him. It took ages for us to get the money back from him. We also play shows which slows down writing times immensely. I guess there is no real excuse for it taking so long though, it was a crazy amount of time. 

D: When you guys started with Bludgeon, did you always want to be that extreme or did the sound evolved organic by time?


Zach: Oh we definitely evolved our sound and technical abilities over time for sure. If you listen back to the demo stuff we sound like a completely different band compared to DTL. I guess we matured, but we always wanted the material to be brutal. We love a lot of different kinds of metal, but the underground dm stuff like the early unique leader roster is a big influence on us and many others of course. 

D: Can you still think of what were your first metal releases you bought? Which influenced you the most for Bludgeon?


Zach: For me the classics of course, Maiden and motorhead. But Death Metal wise it was Deicide and Napalm Death. Both the Legion and Harmony Corruption albums are legendary. I still have the original cassettes I bought back in 1992. I like most old school dm heads are collectors of this stuff.


D: Would you say the extreme Metal scene or Death Metal underground in the UK is having a little renaissance? So many new bands coming out lately in my opinion?


Zach: Yeah there seems to be a lot of slams bands around at the moment for sure, not so many straight up Death Metal acts. But yeah I agree with you, there are quite a few bands. It's cool to see, just a shame that like everything the scene is ruled by money with pay to play and nepotism regarding gigs. You see the same bands playing constantly, I'm happy when I see a flyer and it's a band I've never heard of, that's cool and better for the scene as it helps it grow, rather than the same old bands every week. People ask me alot why we aren't on supports for bigger shows and tours, and it's always the same answer. 

D: Did social media and also streaming platforms like spotify helped you as a band or would you say this is just crap you "Have" to do?


Zach: Honestly I really don't think it helps all that much for most bands. Most metalheads are seeking out new music all the time anyway. We are just used to it being this way as we have no radio or mainstream coverage. I hear about new stuff through friends I'd say more than any other outlet, or just finding it myself. Of course things like YouTube and Facebook help no question. But spotify and iTunes are a complete rip off in my opinion, unless you are being streamed millions of times you will never see anything from it.


D: What can we expect from you guys in 2019? Tours? New music?


Zach: I'm not sure the new material will be ready this year, that would be a massive ask, but it will be ready the next, new songs are written so no twenty year wait again! Haha We have a few UK shows lined up over the next few months and would of course like to hit Europe or beyond, if you are reading this and want to make this happen please get in contact.


D: Thank you guys for the time and interest to work with me along my ride in the extreme scene. Last words are on you. Anything you want to share?


Zach: Cheers Dani Z! Your work helping bands and the scene is awesome and I hope you continue it brother! 


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