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After 3 years Abnormality is back with another Opus of technical and blasting brutality called "Sociapathic Constructs". They continue were they left off in 2012 with "Contaminating the Hive Mind" but take the experience and abilities with them from "Mechanisms of Omniscience". The record is a perfect hybrid between both. The harsh and pure ferocity of the early Abnormality combined with the technical experienced and grown up band playing together for 14 years.


The album was released again via Metal Blade Records. When I said they continue were they left off is really not just a quote. It is a statement also depending that the opening song "Monarch Alpha" is a follow up to the song "Monarch Omega" from the first album. Both are the opening tracks of these albums. "Monarch Alpha" is talking about a secret programm of the CIA to control human minds which they tested on soldiers and propably on the american citizens. This already builds up a dark atmopshere on the album which follows a red line through the whole record.


Musically as mentioned this album is much more aggressive like the last one and straight to your face. Still technical and diverse at the same time to keep up the high level of musicianship but I personally like the grindcore vibe on it to create a much more complete concept. Also Mallika's screams from the older records are back.

If we are at grindcore music theme, this music was always about political and direct statements to the audience. Combine this with the pure brutality of Death Metal and you have a uncontrollable mixture of pure anger. Abnormality adress a lot of topics of our society which are stuck in our throats and make us angry. If you are at a specific point you can't take it anymore and spit everything back in the faces of the cause. Starting from experiements on people, over our society and lifestyle that makes us all sick and ending up in the song "Curb Stomp" which adresses the molestation and raping fo children within the catholic church.

This kind of music was always a vent for all this sick and insane things that happen in our world. The red line I mentioned and the dark atmopshere on this album depending on those topics makes this album much more evil and depressing but also refreshing at the same time. It is good to see and hear that there is still the vibe and drive in the music to set up a statement and shove the shit down the throats of those who make us sick and want to see us all suffer while they benefit on us. It is really just a releaf hearing this and hope that these people drown in their own excrements. It is an enrichment to the extreme underground scene besides all those standarized topics about blood, gore and mutilation.


The 9 tracks on it just pure and authentic. Each can stand for itself, just dive into the complexity to enjoy the full concept. Everything backed up with a decent production and tight sound. The double base is just heavy as fuck and underlines everything within the music as one complete product. So if you are not a weak human and want to face reality in a harsh and direct way. Try to swallow this pill entitled "Sociopathic Constructs"…I hope you will not choke!


9,5 / 10. Cheers Zed

Curb stomp

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