Review - Afterbleeding - Paths of Decimation

One man band attack from Portugal AFTERBLEEDING is slitting our throats with the debut album called "Paths of Decimation". I was thinking of a Slam CD when I saw the cover and logo. Maybe I am a little bit to much in the review machinery and my routine but I was really surprised after the Intro ended!


It is released on SIRIUS RECORDS and distributed by VOMIT YOUR SHIRT. Brand new and fresh for you guys to order!


Back to the Music after my label annoucement. When I say surprised I mean this very positive. This Material of 7 Songs (first is an Intro) is really complex played Death Grind with some few modern elements. Top notch songwriting for a one man band. Really big props to Kebras, the Mastermind behind this record.


The album has a great mixing between fast forward riffs with a grindy and flexible touch. Programmed drums doesn't sound too sterile. It's very harmonic and fitting perfect to the songs. The compositions have a nice mixing between the different speed parts and also the thrown in influences from bands like more modern stuff of Benighted and this combined with swedish Death Metal Bands like Dismember or Entombed. This is also bringing a great atmosphere to the sound and makes it very complex. The swedish sound comes also to the sunlight in guitar solos build in the songs like "The Holographic Prison". I was really feeling some "Like an Everflowing Stream Wibe" which made my heart open up to enjoy the full thing! <3

The combination of 90s oldschool scandinavian masters with the harsh brutality of modern BDM bands and some US Death Metal classics brings us just a brilliant and fresh sounding CD. I know fresh sounds weired because it sounds so oldschool. Also from the barky Death Metal Vocals but as not many bands play these sound anymore and it is little transported to a modern versions the music just starts to sound fresh/new again. I felt a little bit like back in the days when I first listened to "Like an Everflowing Stream" from Dismember. If I lay on my couch and close my eyes to it, it can bring nearly the same feeling and I was not expecting this CD just came out in 2019!


Really great experience, short (under 30min) but really awesome! The songs are all smooth blasting its way in your ear tunnel and stay when the solos come in. Everything combined delivers a great mixture of more oldschool influenced stuff with spices from today.


Image a classic and perfect Dismember song combined with the Harsh brutality of one mand bands like INSIDIOUS INDECREPANCY and the thoughtful playness of modern Death Metal like Benigted without stepping too much in that area. Not a foot in the sound, just a toe! This sound really created a warm feeling in my passioned heart of Death Metal! You should not miss the chance and really check this out! You would all regret if you don't!!!

Recommend for fans of oldschool swedisch Death Metal like DISMEMBER, ENTOMBED, BLOODBATH combined with US technical brutality of MORBID ANGEL with a razor-sharp of BENIGHTED. I hope this  is enough to stimulate your appetite. Enjoy the feast!


9 / 10. Oldschool but fresh as a Summer Breeze!!! Cheers Zed


Raw playthrough of the EP

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