Review - Busted Guts - Gore Induced Ejaculations

Some weeks ago I received a message via Facebook from George Elizondo. The Mastermind behind the band BUSTED GUTS and asked me if I want to do a review for his CD "Gore Induced Ejaculations". I agreed right away and forget a little about this but finally it was in my postbox after hanging in customs in Germany for a while. Straight delivered from Corpus Christi, Texas, the album is bringing a Deathgrinding frogalypse played like 10 or 15 years ago.


Everything self released. A real DIY band it has this underground Texas DM wibe with a little oldschool deathgrindy flair. 6 Songs on it. Running through smoothly in a little more than 23 minutes. Material was already wirtten and recorded in 2017. When I opened the booklet I was surprised to see who George put in the duties for the drumming.  Nobody less than the mighty KEVIN TALLEY. Fore sure known for his playing in Dying Fetus, Suffocation, Daath, Crime Syndicate Album from Soils of Fate and many others! (not to mention that drums are on point and tight like always!)

George is writing his songs very passioned with the mentioned underground feeling. Today everything is SLAM but I wouldn't call this material so. It's like I said and played when I got into this music in the beginning of the 2000s. It's straight and groovy death grind. Mostly mid tempo driven and with a lot of mosh rhythms you can bang your head to in the pit. There is no need to blast all the time. (even if I like it to blast mostly haha) The speed is just thrown in when needed to tighten up the songs and let the beast go with all its fury. The slower parts build up a nice tension and makes you waiting to go crazy with the blasts! Songs like "Gnawing in Cancerous Stumps" are a good example. Mostly slow with a precise double base carpet under its riffs. It's building up a great tension which energizes this song and you will find this element in the other songs as well.

Some people would call this maybe boring but I like to hear from time to time a more mid tempo driven album to relax a little to a nice brew my friends. So if you like the TXDM played like in the UNITED GUTTURAL days with also oldschool driven vocals and froggs. You like it rough and without fancy or so called playful experiments. Just straight in your face brutality then you can give it a try.


7,5 / 10 Recommended for fans of INSIDIOUS DECREPANCY, SINTURY, DEVOURMENT, KRAANIUM, VIRAL LOAD, DIGESTED FLESH, INFLICTION and Bands in the veign of, this is your Thing!


Cheers Zed


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