Review - Carnifloor - Engulfed in Gold

Comming out of the Slam Hoods of my Neighbour Country Holland, Korpse's guitarist Floor Van Kuijk delivers another output of his one-man project CARNIFLOOR. With "Engulfed in Golf" he is ready elevate himself into top league of the scene to join his main band in the club.


Energy loaden and downtuned Brutal Slam Death Metal is written on his jacket and you exactly get what you expect. Nothing else then relentless brutality. From "Haters Eradication", over "Blunt Disembowelment" until "Squandered Existence", the album is not letting you down and bassdrops in like a gravity bomb. "BOOM" makes the sound as you hear it comming in. Heads down or you will get shot.


Everything is spiced up with this Slam gangster image but fits perfectly to the concept created with this record. Depending on music you have it all between slow headbanging slams, super fast riffing and blast overkills. Also some oldschool BDM influences are feelable from the guitar riffs thrown in along the high note pitches.


Vocals are a guttural and barky frog mix painting the underline of the sound. The mixing between the different brutal elements feels very harmonic while listening to it. Hip Hop influenced Interludes and rhythm vibes makes the before mentioned concept even stronger and should not disturb even the biggest hater. If it bothers anyway, go back and listen to song 1!


I can recommend this fine piece of one man brutality for all fans of Floor's main band Korpse, Kraanium, Extermination Dismemberment, Devourment, Putrid Pile and others in the veign of. Grab your copy from Rotten Music!


8 / 10. Keep up the great work and SLAM ON!!!


Cheers Zed


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