Review - Enema Shower - Sadomazoo

Dildos, Buttplugs, Skulls, Pentagrams, Latex and Satanic Beastiality Goatwhoreship.  What sounds like the wet dream of a perve came to life within this record called Sadomazoo from the Slovakian band called ENEMA SHOWER.


The 3 piece band deliver on this 6 track and 15:30min long EP everything they were able to imagine in their sick minds. Nice concept EP for a Porn Gore Band which works totally fine while listening through the record. Musically it is more downtuned and darkened Gore. Stompy and Sloppy grinding through the songs. Combined from Umpa Umpa rhythm through Last Days of Humanity blasting. Definitly a solid foundation for their art to present. Everything spiced up with a topping of groove.


The album is running through very smoothly and is over before you notice. Give it another spin to find every hook and edge. As I mentioned, the music and overall concept is very solid. I was having fun listening to the record but I don't think it will stick long in my head. Sadly it is one of the records to shiver in my big collection.

Still I can definitly recommend this for every Porn Gore Fanatic and passionate underground collector! If you like bands like Rompeprop, Last Days of Humanity, 2 Minuta Dreka, Clitorape, PornTheGore, Satan's Revenge on Mankind and others in the veign of, you will not be dissapointed!


6,5 / 10.


Out on Rotten Roll Rex Records


Cheers Zed

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