Review - Flesh Throne - Bodysnatch - Son of Banishment Split CD

Pathologically Explicit Recordings is releasing a sick split CD featuring Bodysnatch from Switzerland and Flesh Throne from New York City. It is called "Son of Banishment" with an cover artwork you would first think of some Black Metal or more viking/medieval influenced bands. You see three knights standing with their swords and St. Peters Dome from Rome in the back. (If I guessed right).


If you are expecting this you are totally wrong. You will hear nothing less then heavy and midtempo driven, groovy New York styled Death Metal. 3 tracks from each band, the beginning is done by Bodysnatch. From beginning to the end of the material, the band delivers straight forward oldschool madness with a light dark touch. The Songs "Aviditas/Odium", "The Denouncer" and "Longing for the Sky" are totally double base drum loaden and heavy bangers. Classic kept barky vocals and slight grooves mixed with oldschool slam riffs which could have been delivered from old Internal Bleeding Material or Pyrexia. Maybe not as complex as IB or Pyrexia would do but you feel the influence while a little cavemen riffing is also hearable. (Not ment in a bad way) Just simple and straight to your face brutality.

Flesh Throne is hitting the same direction as their Split mates but in a little rougher and rawer version of sound. Everything is more downtuned and the bass sound is increased. That kind of mixing from the sound makes all heavier and tight. As set examples from the bands page, Flesh Throne wants to create the sound of oldschool New York Death Metal Bands like Immortal Suffering, Internal Bleeding, Suffocation, Dehumanized and so on but for me there is also a little touch of Incantation or Immolation in the music when it comes to the darkened touch. The material sounds way more evil then the Bodysnatch stuff but I think this also depends on the mixing and recording sound. So this fits way more to the cover artwork in my opinion.


Overall said this is a secret tip for all NYC Death Metal underground lovers. Could have been easily released in the 90s on tape version and should not be missed by fans of the genre. For a cheap price you receive 6 tracks with nearly 30 minutes playtime of cool oldschool and rough Death Metal inspired by the great East Coast DM legends.


Grab a beer, put this on and feel thrown back in time. Enjoy the ride with a 7,5/10.


Cheers Zed

Bodysnatch - Longing For The Sky

Flesh Throne - Sons of Banishment

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