Review - Horned - Eminence

The band HORNED delivers their second album called "Eminence". I didn't hear from this band before and also didn't listen to the first album "Perpetuate Misanthropy" from 2016 pre to "Eminence". So at the first sight of the cover I saw that it is a Dan Seagrave one instantly. I was expacting oldschool Death Metal like back in the day with a swedish touch. The Opener "Emperor" didn't dissapoint me at the start, exactly what I was expacting and looking for. But after the first melodic and atmospheric oldschool riffing there was a drastic change I never expected. Believe me you are not prepared.


Within the song the atmopshere and style totally changed from oldschool swedish Death to Beatdown influenced Death Metal and Hardcore. I didn't see that comming for sure! The changes between the different elements on the album are very smooth and work much better as expected. The band focuses then on newer musical elements and styles as I would see New York Death Metal with a lot of Hardcore is the strong base of the band's sound. Spiced up with metalcore, some grindy elements along with traditional based metal.


This kind of harsh mixing between genres and definitly breaking boundaries is not heared very often but it definitly should be. Horned brings with "Eminence" so much fresh wind into a genre which starts getting dusty. Refreshing and healing to combine different sounds to something pure and clean again.

This record will definitly attract the attention of different genre veterans. Oldschool or newschool, doesn't mean anything within this album. It will pick up everyone who has a decent taste for heavy and extreme music. Expect a mixture between Dismember, Hatebreed, Without Remorse, Dyscarnate and a slight taste of Internal Bleeding. For sure other comparisons would maybe fit better but you should definitly make your own picture of this madness awaiting.


Tight up your shoes, put your jacket on and jump into the pit. Enjoy the brutality and bang your fucking head. "Eminence" will smash you with all its might, power and groove. HORNED's new album is definitly a must listen of 2020!


9 / 10 - Breakdown and Cheers - Zed


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