Review - Human Mass Extermination - Under Extraterrestrial Domain

Brutal and downtuned Slam Death metal from Costa Rica. Never heared of something like that? Yeah, but now you will! The band HUMAN MASS EXTERMINATION is hailing from South America with their primitive and brutal sound. Another sick Release from label Rotten Music from the UK.


The album "Under Extraterrestrial Domain" is bringing a nice alien based theme abusing and destroying the humanity. Also their sound is pure devastation. Expect nothing less then super groovy, downtuned and froggy slam Death Metal. In the meantime you could already call this style a little more oldschool based slam or Deathgrind I would say.


You can compare them to early 2000s Deathgrind bands like Degrade, Pustulated, Bound and Gagged or Goratory but in a much simpler way and not as jazz grind influenced as Bound and Gagged or Goratory. HME take the brutal and groovy vibe of these bands, get rid of the ultra technical playfullness while concentrating on pure brutality of Slam. The band still throws in enough speed changes and groove riffs to keep everything diverse and complex without forgetting to worship the good old caveman riff alien god in the sky.

The band is a nice mixture between older and newer extreme underground bands which also includes a good dose of goregrind in their brutal Death and slamming tunes. The 4 piece knows what to do on the 8 tracks to keep their identity and not get lost in experiments. If you are looking for something that will remind you on some past underground gems which were ultra extreme while having also a newer Slam Death Vibe you can give this album a try.


I recommend this for all fans of Pustulated, Bound and Gagged, Degrade, Kraanium, Last Days of Humanity, Mortician, Prosthetic Cunt and other sick shit in the veign of. So don't get kidnapped by aliens and keep your asses tight for not getting an anal probe shoved up, haha!


7,5 / 10


Cheers Zed

Under Extraterrestrial Domain - 2019 Full Album

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