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Swiss one man attack Impalement releases his debut album THE IMPALEMENT via Rising Nemesis Records. This project was new to me and I went into the listening session without any expectations. From layout and artwork I was expecting raw Black Metal as the album statement is "TRÜE FUCKING METAL"! I can definitly say I was not ready of what's to come on this 7 track devastation!


The album is a pure and raw diamond of underground Metal. Blackened Death Metal at its best! The album starts right away strong with the title track. Double base machine gun blasting, virtuose riffing and raw, emotional vocals. The songwriting is very sophisticated and balanced. A lot of love for attention to detail you can feel in every song. Little pieces of art in themselves.


The changes in the songs between harsh blasting elements, atmospheric riffing, guitar solos and melody is set very precise and harmonic. I listened to the album a couple of times and nothing feels wrongly set or used as a filler within the songs. I honestly really enjoyed just listening to this and explore the different aspects of the tracks. 

You can hear oldschool and newschool elements from different musical directions built in. I would say the base is true norwegian Black Metal mixed with a little traditional Heavy Metal, oldschool swedish Death from raw to melodic. Everything perfectly mixed and tuned to a complete product.


If you want any comparison I would say it is a mixture between old Darkthrone, Emperor, Belphegor with some Dismember, Entombed and a little spice of old Cradle of Filth and Behemoth. I hope this helps to form kind of a picture of the sound you will experience while listening to this beast but you should definitly make your own. This album is one of the best I heared in 2020 so far and a masterpiece created just by one dedicated musician of the music we love!


10 / 10 - Support TRÜE FUCKING METAL!!!


Cheers Zed 

Satan's Fire In My Eyes (Official Video)

The Impalement (FULL ALBUM)

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