Review - Inseminate Degeneracy - Genesis of a Disastrous Gestation

Fresh hatched Slam Insect INSEMINATE DEGENERACY comming out of the France's Hive start shooting their madness of apocalyptic sci-fi horror influenced SLAM with their first EP called "Genesis of a Disastrous Gestation". Expect nothing else than ultra brutal and maxed out primitive debauchery.


Released on Rotten Music. The Slam roster of this sick label is growing and growing!


The CD opens up with a war zone sounding Intro and the first real tune "Disastrous Gestation" is shooting you straight in the face. When they begin the band doesn't stop over the 23:37min to punish you with their brutality.


Abominable Putridity "End of Human Existence" riffs which are downtuned as fuck. Breakdowns with bomb effects to make it even more heavy. Vocals are Guttural as fuck and froggy as well. Before you even notice this horror trip is over and you can put your player on repeat if you haven't got enough!


To be honest the CD is not really outstanding to the big mass of Brutal Slam Bands around but they are doing their job pretty well.

The 2 piece band is doing a fight announcement to the scene and will try to mark their spot on SLAMOLYMP! They just released a Demo shortly before this EP, so for first release really congrats. You delivered the brutality very straight and not gently which I mean in a good way!


Nice coverartwork as well from Kumislizer Art which fit perfectly to the sound and targeted goal for creating an end time atmopshere for the record.


For me there is nothing more to say than this is another good output of the brutal Slam underground. Every fan of first Abominable Putridity, Extermination Dismemberment, Kraanium, Epicardiectomy or Cephalotripsy will love this sound for sure. Don't expect something new but you will get your Slamcravings feeded for some while.


Enjoy with a 7 / 10. Cheers and see you next time! Zed

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