Review - Macabre Demise - Apocalypse

The Boss behind Label Rebirth the Metal Productions, Andreas Rieger, is releasing a new EP of his one man project called Macabre Demise. 4 Tracks, 12.10min of pure classical brutal Death like played in the end of 90s or beginning of 2000s.


Oldschool and very tight, thoughtful songwriting. The 4 tracks run very smooth and give you also the vibe when you first heared tunes from Entombed, Deicide, Vader, Cannibal Corpse back in the day. Everything transported to our time the songs are really cool bangers with a lot of great rhythms, blasts,  hooks to remind and nice grooves.  In the Song "Scale of Devastation" I like the changing between blast, midtempo double base headbanging stomps and the shredding grooves. Vocals are also kept oldschool and more classical barky which fit very nicely to the songs.

Also some athmopsheric elements are used to keep you inside of the sound. You can also hear this element at the end quarter of the song "Scale of Devastation" which I mentioned before.


Overall this EP is a complete package which I enjoyed listening to. Round and smooth, just too short and it creates some hunger inside of me for more. So Andreas, please a Full Length Follow up soon! :)


I recommend this for every fan of great Death Metal. Oldschool fans will love this for sure but also youngsters please give it a shot and hear some quality material.


8 / 10 for a great EP. Keep a look out for Macabre Demise and don't miss the experience with this sick tunes!

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