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Noizgate Records presents another female fronted newcommer band called MIR ZUR FEIER. Their selft titled debut album will be released on November 22nd. German name and german lyrics, the album is based on Rainer Maria Rilkes work named like the band from the year 1899. The massive lyrics are accompanied by melodic influenced Death Metal sounds and german folk metal rhythms.


The band is active since 2011 and released some EPs before and also won the FemME-Battle in 2018. With that pre-work on the map the band was more then ready to release this artistically opus of german poetry. This kind of mixing depending of genres was not new for me but not often heared. I also have to admit that I had problems to find my path into the reocrd because this is not what I normally listen to.


After some spins it was easier and easier to understand the idea of the album and get access. The mixture between harsh guitars and dark atmosphere along with the clear chant give a nice contrast to the growls and screaming. The band find its way between melodic, swedish Death metal tunes, metalcore and folk metal. 

Tracks like "Totentanz" (engl. Deathdance) are the more accessible on the album and really generate a good vibe of musical song structure. You can dance or bang your head to the music at the same time. The different diverse layers open up a wide range of possibilities to enjoy the music.

The band will guide you through the different chapters of the album and give you enough time for stops to enjoy the journey. Open your eyes and see the beauty of art.


Definitly not something for everyone but you should be open minded and give it a try. Maybe you will be surprised!


I recommend this for fans of old AS I LAY DYING, IN FLAMES, AT THE GATES and supporters of the rougher german Folk Metal.


Also check out their previous releases "Erste Elegie" and "Ein Streifen Wirklichkeit".


8 / 10 for a refreshing release which is everything but not average.


Cheers Zed 

Debut Album (Official Teaser)

Todeserfahrung // live Februar 2017

der schauende

Erste Elegie EP

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