Review - Misery Index - Rituals of Power

Deathgrinding Flagship MISERY INDEX finally delivers their highly awaited follow up to the "Killing Gods". The new sick output is called "Rituals of Power" and comes with an ultra high energy. The Love for playing this music just MISERY INDEX can deliver!

Released again on Season Of Mist Records, the album has two Versions to offer. Normal album and Deluxe Edition with two Bonus tracks. "Wasting Away - Nailbomb Edition" and "Man of your Dream" a M.O.D. Cover. I took the Deluxe Edition as I am a collector as all of you know. I should receive my copy soon from Cortex Store in Berlin. Well known place for good underground stuff. My review here is based on the Spotify listening I am doing right now to be in time for all of you guys!

Well, what can I say. From the first time I read that the band is creating the new album from the sight of being a fan by themselves and what kind of music they wanted to hear I was really nervous in a positive way and impatient for the release. My fanboy heart was looking forward to it. I am fan of the band since the beginning and saw them countless times live the last 16 years!


The album starts strong from first minute. As a fan of MISERY INDEX you feel home right away. Great sound, perfect arranged songs and productions. We are talking here about professionals musicians who perfectionized the style they are playing.


My expectations were high depending on this point and MISERY INDEX didn't let me down like always. How could I ever doubt. Shame on me, haha!

Songs like "The Choir Invisible", "New Salem" or Title track "Rituals of Power" have all trademarks, all strengths and abilities from MISERY INDEX which the fans love. Comming from harsh grinding brutality, to more Death metal influences Rhythm, groovy guitars and a headbanging pressure which boosts the songs straight forward. I also have to recommend the song "I Disavow" which is just a fast and straight in your face banger. This album has enough power in it that every song can stand for its own. Very well done like always.


MISERY INDEX is combing all what they learned over their long bandcareer and giving you a great mixture of their span of all of their albums. You have the grindy stuff from oldschool Songs like "Pulling out the Nails", Death Metal brutality from "Retaliate" album, the unbelievable groove of  "Heirs to Thievery" and the technical perfection of "Traitors"/"The Killing Gods". So all is there. You need nothing more!


Comming to the Covers, I really liked the Nailbomb Cover, as their early 90s output with max Cavalera is still one of my faves. This song is just pure brutality and groove. It was ahead of its time back then. (I hope Max is doing with his brother really soon the Nailbomb tour!!!)


"Man of your Dreams" is also well played at a artistical high standard like always delivered from MISERY INDEX. I espected nothing else. It's defintly worth it to get the Limited Edition I would say but maybe my collector's Heart is talking here.

I will also do a littel artwork video for this album when I receive my copy. Watch out for this and I will also put this under this review as soon as possible @ my BLOG if you are reading it here and not on facebook. Definitly worth to check out!


So if you have been a fan of MISERY INDEX like I am you can just grab a copy with no doubt. You just must. Diamonds, like they are, are pretty rare in the Death Metal scene of today. Please support them and buy a copy. Digital or physical. Whatever you prefer as long as you support. This is from fans for fans as you see the perspective the band started working on this record.


10 / 10 for me. The wait was worth it and I know what is going to stay on repeat for a while. DAMN!!! Cheers Zed

Season of mist - full album stream

The Choir Invisible Drum Play-through

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