The Banjo slamming and grinding one man attack called NO ONE GETS OUT ALIVE is finally back with a new sick output which will please all moonshine drinking hillbillies. I had the pleasure to listen to this record before it is released. Big thank you to Marco of Rotten Roll Rex Records for trusting me again in doing my thing in the music underground!


Andreas, the mastermind behind NOGOA, had some years ago the genious idea to integrate southern rock/country banjo sounds into caveman riff slam brutality. I guess nobody expected something special like this would came out. Some albums and splits later we are here with the album "Die Like the Rest".


The direction is still the same but more precise and hitting than ever. First thing comming up while listening to this new record was the awesome atmosphere these banjo sounds create within the music. Combined with the extreme guttural vocals and the groovy slam riffs, this creates also a very dark ambient sound. The combination makes it again to a complete concept. It just works well like a smooth running machine!

Already the second song "37073 Burnin" is showing it perfectly. The right combination of basic ingredients are able to create something very complex and elevate it to the next level. NOGOA doesn't invent itself new on this record but knows how to bring up some new ideas to the self invented genre. I think there is still no other band playing the Banjo Grind or at least I haven't heard of another one.


From the beginning to the End this album is a midtempo loaden groovemonster. Double base, Shreddy Slam Riffs and Banjo sounds along the gargling vokills deliver a perfect cocktail.

So get ready to drink the homemade liquor, kiss your sister and play the banjo on the porch. This record will bring the perfect mood for this right away. If you are looking for something outstanding and more unique within the extreme underground then give this project a try. The slams and atmosphere are definitly worth it. Addiction risk ahead…don't say I didn't warn you!!!


8,5 / 10


Cheers Zed

37073 Burnin'

Forefather's Way

Good Night Human Pride XVIII

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