Review - Profanity - Fragments of Solace

German tech Death Veterans Profanity are back with their newest record called "Fragments of Solace" and I can tell you, what a sick, fucking trip! The band is soaking you into their world of sophisticated songwriting which will confuse and crush your soul but you will rise like a phoenix stronger then ever!


Maybe this kind of comparison confused you guys already to what to expect but that was also my goal as I was also totally unprepared for this blast straight in your face! The band releases these 7 songs totally by themself which is also a sign of confidence and quality for their musical product. Definitely this album is so called "Dani Zed Approved" as they just pushing the limit to next level depending on technical Death Metal songwriting!


If I would be asked to describe the band's sound, I characterize them as a good and balanced mixture of Deeds of Flesh, Suffocation and Spawn of Possession but totally independent in their way of creating this hybrid. Everything is also spiced up with a good dose of classic heavy metal, depending on the technical riffing and solos, which give the album a really fresh vibe to the brutality. This even builds up a strong level of balance between the different elements and aspects needed to keep these songs powerful the whole run through.

The range of the songs is very wide from standard brutal blasting, high technical and fast riffing, groovy mid tempo parts and virtuose, confusing guitar shredding. Track length starts from 2:03 min from the ending song "The Autopsy" until the Opus track "Where Forever Starts" which even plays 9:12 min!!!


Also as I mentioned the comparison to Suffocation, the string master himself, Terrance Hobbs, is featured on this album along with other super sick veteran musicians in the Scene. Matt Sotelo of Decrepit Birth, Dave Suzuki of Churchburn, Dima Orlov of Fetal Decay and Martl Bauer as special Profanity member who used to play in the band. This kind of superb line-up additions just show the quality proof of the material.


Summed up together, this album is just pure gold within the Death Metal scene which no one should miss out who has a slight slope for technical depravity!


Recommended for the fans of the bands mentioned before but also everyone who is brave enough to get a high dose technical throat injection of Death Metal purity!


10 / 10 Shred until your fingers bleeeeeed!!!!


Cheers Zed

Progenitor of the Blaze

Towards the sun

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