Review - Putrid Womb - Slam Induced Priapism

A new and just 10 minute long sign of life from Texas Death Metal Slammers Putrid Womb comes in form of this 4 tack EP called "Slam Induced Priapism". After a war sound intro the band starts right away with groove loaden cave man riff depravity. Super downtuned and heavy.


Again released on Rotten Music like their last album "Propensity For Violence".


The Songs "Broken Bottle Butt Plug", Mutilation Marathon" and "Sadistic Seduction" are more mid tempo based and sloppy slam Songs. Imagine the the slow parts of Mortician combined with Kraanium Groovy Slam and Devourment snare blasts.


This creates a nice mixture but isn't unique enough to stay long in my head to be honest. Sadly in the big wide ocean of bands playing this style it will be lost in the streams. Don't get me wrong, this isn't bad at all for slam fanatics but I have heard these kind of songs too much to find hooks to hang myself on. But what I really enjoyed is the little umpa umpa Gore Pig Squeals thrown in on the end song "Sadistic Seduction"!


Overall a solid release for all Brutal Death Metal Slam woreshippers you can grab on from your next Rotten Music order. This will heat on your cravings for more brutalism.


6 / 10 and looking forward to the next full length! This just didn't feed my hunger.


Cheers Zed

Slam Induced Priapism EP STREAM

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