Review - Remnants of Tortured - Chainsaw

You want a gory and slammy cumshot in your face? Did you then ever try REMNANTS OF TORTURED? This 5 piece band from Monterrey/Mexico is delivering exactly that with their album "Chainsaw".


Maxing out the limits of cavemen riffs and blast beat brutality mixed with mid tempo slam hammerage. 10 tracks in 28 minutes deliver all the madness you expect from a record like this. Nothing less and nothing more.

Double base hammering drums, shreddy guitars with thrown in grooves and ultra guttural vocals. Everything combined to a variated mix of rhythm changes and speed variations. You will find everything from slowmo brutality at which you feel strangled, to mid-tempo headbangers until full speed blasting brutality.


Songs like "Inducing Violent Orplapse" show how the band can arrange their compositions with different influences of brutal genres. The main base is still Abominable Putridity (First album style) Slam, mixed with gory elements of Last Days of Humanity and some technical feeling of Insidious Decrepancy. All along with the ruthlessness of Enmity. Everything together delivers a nice mixture of pure brutality without any fancy shit.

Also to mention, on the song "Unglory Hole" is Omar Garcia from Scrotoctomy featured. I did a review for an album of them years ago.

If you are looking for a pure devastatio in the simple and straight way to your face you can give this band definitly a try. As their album is called "Chainsaw", also on this record THE SAW IS THE LAW!!! Get shredded!!!


7,5 / 10 Cheers Zed


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