Review - Satanath Records Package - Part 1 - Skarz / Ragnell / The Malice / Conceived by Hate

Hi everyone, 


as I already showed in posts and YouTube video, I received a giant package from SATANATH RECORDS with their latest releases along with Partnerlabels like FUNERE, Exhumed Records, More Hate Productions, Morbid Skull Records and more!!!


As it's impossible for me to write reviews for all of them depening on my time shedule I will write short reviews with ratings in regularly comming Blogposts. 4 albums at each time with some comments about each one of them plus rating.


Hopefully this will be enough to make you all hungry for checking out these awesome tunes. The package contained some really cool underground gems nobody should miss out. So thank you all already for supporting!!!

Skarz plays a really cool mixture of oldschool Death Metal with Thrash elements which hits right in the middle between Obituary, Death and Destruction.


The Album "What Remains" gives you over the 8 songs a cool "back in the day" experience when Death Metal came up and it wasn't called oldschool, just Death Metal.


For all fans of Obituary and especially Death this is a must have. The record sounds a little bit like a straight follow up to "Scream Bloody Gore" or "Leprosy" but with its own touch of writing songs.


The Desires of worshippers of that kind of era will be force fed in a beautiful way and filled up! So grab your copy and bang your head to this sick piece of gory, blasting Art.


Death will never die!!! 8,5 / 10 

Downtuned and darkened one man Death Black Metal from Conceived by Hate is awaiting you on "Putrid Realms of the Occult".


Stomping d-beat brutal blasts along with shreddy, atmospheric guitars combined with screamy/barky vocals create this great hybrid of oldschool Black and Death Metal brutality but presented with a much more modern production and sound but never to clean to keep the rawness alive which is needed in my opinion for this kind of music.


Desperation and Disgust is feelable over the 9 tracks while being wrapped up into a darkened, atmospheric straitjacket.


Expect a cool mixture of old Dismember, Entombed combined with Dark Throne, Mayhem. At the same time modern Doomy Death from bands like Void Rot is feelable. All who love this kind of combining different aspects of darkened and depressive music should give it a try! 8 / 10

Ragnell presents on "Rebirth from Darkness" classic and blasting Black Metal with a lots of atmosphere and suicidal vibes.


The sound created on the 9 tracks wraps around you to strangle your throat while the screams and growls cut your flesh to bleed you out with a nice suffering.


The band creates a great mixture of different sounds which is not that easy to describe. Between the different brutal and also vulnerable moments of this album which are still in the black metal region I would even say some influences of Post Black or even progressive musical elements are part of this music along with orchestral touches.


If you are searching for an atmospheric trip which will cut your arms and harm your little soul, you can risk the journey through the "Rebirth of Darkness"! 8 / 10

The Malice is blasting your fucking head off with their furious mixture of relentless grinding and technical Death Metal.


Oldschool and barking Grind in the veign of Napalm Death is meeting modern blasts from the first Decrepit Birth and Origin along with a good and needed dose of Heavy Metal riffing for making it even more sophisticated on songwriting.


The album's direction is just straight forward while grinding you afterwards like a bus that hit you and didn't see comming. So if you are brave enough to take the risk of getting an unpredicted sledge hammer to your face, you can dive into the world of "Legions of the Dawn"! Don't say I didn't warn you!!!


9 / 10 for this little, technical Blasterpiece straight out of the simmering Underground. Blastbeat or FUCK OFF!!! \m/

I hope you all enjoyed this little inside view of 4 records I received from Satanath records. Much more editions to come as I received a lot of cool underground releases you shouldn't miss out! 


If you have any recommendations for me to improve this kind of writing, don't hesitate to leave me a comment within this Blog entry or drop me an e-mail.


Thank you all for reading and Cheers!!!



Skarz - What remains

Conceived by Hate - Putrid Realms of the Occult

Ragnell - Rebirth in Darkness

The Malice - Legions of the Dawn

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