Review - Stench of Profit - Human Discount

How would you describe an EP which is 7 minutes and 4 seconds long? Rough and brutal propably if you know in which section this kind of music is moving. The band STENCH OF PROFIT is showing on "Human Discount" a 4 track preview of more stuff to come. Gore driven and grindy Death Metal is what you can expect.


Freshly released from brand new label Lethal Scissor Records. The label of Ex-Drummer of the band Vomit The Soul from Italy. Thank you again Icio for trusting in my work for sending me your releases!!!


Musically the 4 tracks "Leaches", "What's left?", "Every Little Piece" and "Brains on sale" show a nice mixture between oldschool driven Deathgrind, Impetigo Gore with Umpa Umpa rhythms of Rompeprop. Mixed together in a great and functional way to present this piece of depravity.

The record is over before you even know it. So you need to put it on repeat to definitly get the whole package. This is really just an appetizer of brutal snacks to come from this band.


The 3 sickoes delivering the blasts are also known for their duties in Pit of Toxic Slime, Perfidious and Psychotomy. The musicians minimize the goal to present and fixate on pure grinding brutality. Everything is well set in an oldschool way to fuck shit up. Rough and direct, nothing more to say. If you are a fan of this kind of music and need a little appetizer to feed your primitive needs this is definitly a snack to taste on.


Experience it by yourself and check this short banger out. Those 7 minutes are definitly no waste of time if you are a fan of brutal grinding and gory madness!


Get sick or die trying! 7,5 / 10. Grind on!!!


Cheers Zed

Stench Of Profit - What's Left (Human Discount EP)

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