Review - Sun Eater - Light Devoured

Miasma Records / Vomit Your Shirt delivered me fresh material right after they heard I am back in writing business. One of the records I received is "Light Devoured" from the french one man band studio project SUN EATER. 4 tracks, a little less then 15 minutes of technical and sophisticated modern Death Metal. Shreddy, playful, fast and groovy at the same time. This EP is a perfect business card to present of what's to come!


The Opener "The Advent" is making no enemies from beginning until the end. Straight in your face, technical and complex blasting brutality. The song already shows that the material has many layers of different influences of used sounds. All the trademarks from bands like Aborted, Kronos or The Faceless are combined to something on its own which definitly doesn't need to hide behind these bigger names!


The EP runs through very smoothly and every tech Death Fanatic with a taste for a modern production and sound will find something on "Light Devoured". The different used elements, groove, guitar solos and speed changes make the songs very diversified. There isn't a single spot I found which is sagging or creates a boring moment. The only thing i could complain about is the play time. The record is way too fast over before it really started. So you have to put it on repeat to satisfy your needs for a technical and brutal blasting session.

This definitely works as a juicy appetizer which makes me craving for more. So hopefully Clément Dellis is pushing in fast a full length to establish his place within the first league of modern Death Metal around the globe!


Also to mention that this material was support by Kilian Savas of Untethered, Clément Henry of Deadwood and Charles Pierron of Ataraxis. Hopefully this will also be delivered live one day because the material deserves it and  I am looking forward to hear more of Sun Eater!!!


9 / 10 - Get devoured by a Black Hole. The Gravity of its  mass is infinite!!! Boom!


Cheers Zed


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