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When there was no more hope in the dried up country of nu metal, myself was starving for more material since the last Slipknot albums sucked, Limp Bizkit let us wait for 10 years, Linkin Park and others are dead and KoRn cannot feed us all, I saw a light at the end of the tunnel. The shining place of freedom and hope, which came out of nowhere was called TALLAH and I definitely was not ready for the force feeding this album gave me!


The debut album "Matriphagy" throws you back to the golden age of numetal. The record's title which means from the books - The condition where organisms feed on their own mother - doesn't prepare you at all of what is to come. After the Intro the first song "No one Should Read this" blasts you away in the purest and sickest Slipknot way since their debut from 1999. This song alone gave me everything I was craving for years! Groove, relentless headbang riffing and virtuose songwriting which definitely doesn't need to hide in front of the big names of the scene!


Me already laying satisfied with a smile on the floor, the next song "Kungan" gave me KoRn vibes in 1996 Life is Peachy awesomeness along with great elements from different genre veterans mixed with Deathcore and newer Hardcore Powerviolence moments. The whole concept the band presents is outstanding and I honestly didn't hear something good like this in a decade depending on the musical mixture. This band made it to take everything from a dusty genre and transport it to the year 2020 without looking old at all. It is fresh, it is pure and honestly presented. You can feel the optimistic mood within every note played to conquer the scene and bring this music back to big stages again with all their might and power!

Me as a 90s numetal kid who bought all the good old stuff when it came out, I was nearly dropping a tear listening to all of the 13 songs which made me feel like 15 again sitting in my kids room jamming. This isn't just a nostalgic trip but a modern remaster of it reminding me at every edge and hook to just a great era in my life revived in every note and beat. Just pick randomly one of the singles "Overconfidence", We, the Sad", "L.E.D." or any other song of the album. Every fan of numetal in the veign of the first two Slipknot, Old KoRn with Limp Bizkit, Coal Chamber and Linking Park vibes cannot ignore this album. Period!!!

This album gave me everything I was hoping for years getting by the named acts before but I never did. At this point I just can bow to my knees and say thank you for this hell of a ride on Matriphagy! Definitely a must have of 2020 and already a classic to be in the genre. I can't wait to experience this music in all its beauty live when we overcome the pandemic situation and crawl out of our caves to be humans again!


NO thinking about giving points needed - 10 / 10 for my highlight of the year 2020! BOOM!!!


Do it like 1999 and cheers! - Zed

No One Should Read This

Matriphagy - Full Live Playthrough



We, the Sad

The Silo


Red Light

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