Review - Tomb - Entrance to Primordial Funerations

Pathologically Explicit Recording releases a 15min long insane trip into the lowest deep of hell. The 4 tack EP of the band TOMB called "Entrance to Primordial Funerations" is pure downtuned guttural and heavy sickness.


The band is an all star formation from Spain and Canada. The four members comming from bands like Virulency, Scatology Secretion, Fixation On Suffering, MDMA, Gravitational Distortion. Also in TOMB no prisoners are made. This is pure devastating destruction.


Sick and virtuoso guitar rhythms mixed with high speed blasting and some really insane guttural vocals. Especially the vocals explore the limits of mankinds vocal chords abilities. Starting from grunts, snorts, gutturals and just inhuman gargls. Everything is there. Remindes me a lot to sick shit back in the day from Torsofuck and Gutrot.


The 4 songs are just pure guttural Death heaviness. Nothing more and nothing less. It destroys everything in its way. It is really one of the most relentless stuff I heard in a while.

Think of a mixture between the fast heaviness and scrupulous songwriting of ENMITY, mixed with TORSOFUCK and fucked up complex, insane songstructures of Virulency. A really cool mixture for fans of extreme brutal Death Metal and Goregrind.

The 4 songs run through really fast and you will just put it on repeat to get your head crushed in again. I had really fun with this, especially I am a fan of this extreme of the extreme if you understand me. I always had fun listening to LAST DAYS OF HUMANITY, ENMITY, TORSOFUCK, GUTROT, DECOMPOSING SERENITY and other sick shit in the veign of.


If you are also into this lunatic kind of music. You are invited to join TOMB's party. Get your ticket now!!!


8,5 / 10. Cheers Zed


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