Review - Underule - Into Dust

The polish underground delivers this raw diamond called UNDERULE. Their album "Into Dust" was just released in the end of January 2019 on Nice to eat you records along with a distribution from Sevared Records.


The band was founded back in 2015 and offering here their first full length output. There is not so much to find on the web about the band and also not on their facebook page. So I will stay mostly fixed on what you can musically expect. And this is nothing more then pure blasting Death Metal.

Fast and furious after the Intro the 9 songs kicking the double base forward with a harsh shredding of guitars. No compromises and no experiements, just pure intensity!


Music itself if we go in detail is also kept pretty oldschhol if it comes to the type of writing songs. For me it is a great mixture of the fast songs of Vomitory and countrymates of Underule, Vader. You can also feel a good portion of more classical metal from guitar work but very heavy and downtuned that it is a real enrichment to the fullness of the tracks. So add to the mentioned mix between Vomitory and Vader some Poppy Seed Grinder combined with a little modern touch from bands like Stillbirth or Aborted.

All combined it creates a real strong concept for this album. The 30 minutes running longplayer finishes very fast and you can easily put it on repeat to dive deeper into the blasting. The band rarely steps of the gas pedal, if they do just to create a little more atmosphere and heaviness before crushing you again with their barbarity.


If you are looking for a great and fast outrage to bang your head to, give this one a try. You won't regret! I recommend this for all fans of Vomitory, Vader, Severe Torture, Disavowed, Origin, Poppy Seed Grinder and bands in the veign of. Just listen at least to the first 3 songs and you will get soaked into it. Trust me!


8 / 10. Cheers Zed


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