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Fresh out of the deepest Abyss of the human soul this record haunts your spirit and shakes you to your mark and bone. VENOM PRISON delivers with their newest output "Samsara" nothing more then a re-interpretation of the Death Metal genre we know today.


Freshly released on Prostethic Records on March 15th I was really looking forward to this record because their first output "Animus" was a big surprise for me back in 2016 when I attempt to a show where they opened up for Trap Them. I also filmed their show with my little GoPro back then and bought the CD straight from the band.


What can I say, this band grew so much. Especially Larissa, she was looking very shy and cautious around the audience back then but a furious beast on stage. She improved very much the picture of presenting her self and so did the band.


A good amount of touring the last years and clever songwriting brought this record to life. Not guts and gore influenced like most Death Metal records, this is just more evil, it is our real world and life. Samsara is the Buddhist concept of being re-born in an endless circle of suffering. We all know, nothing fucks you as hard as life and the approach of the band doing their thing hits the spot very precise.


The released single "UTERINE INDUSTRIALISATION" is showing very good where the album is taking you but there is much more stuff to check out and explore. It will take you in an intense and deep journey of the grizzly and brutal dark sides of our existence.

The album perfectly combines the harsh brutality of oldschool Death Metal and ferocity of modern Deathcore. Everything mixed up with nice Metal and also Black Metal atmosphere riffing plus ambient elements. Like I said in my second sentence, this record is a real re-interpretation of the genre Death Metal itself. This music is defintly not dead, Bands like VENOM PRISON show what it still can be and should.


The 10 tracks on the album are just straight in your face madness. Expect an hybrid of Bands comming from the cold north of scandinavia, expecially Dissection and Dismember or Entombed. Combined with british roughness of Benediction and Napalm Death. The rest is spiced up with modern elements of the first Suicide Silence/Carnifex album and Power Violence/Grindcore sickness of bands like Captain Cleanoff,  Nasum, Rotten Sound. The last drop of melody comes from more classical metal but don't think this will soften the tunes. When VP drops of the gas pedal and throws in some melodic riffs they build up an intense ambient and atmosphere which will bring your blood to cook up in your veigns before they explode their art in your ear tunnels.

This album is much more then dynamic riffing, brutal vocals and fast blasting. It has so many deep layers and edges to find with a closer listening. It gets better and better with each trip into this world of rebirth. You feel the pain and suffering in Larissa's voice while hearing the barbarity of the music created. It is harsh, it is brutal but groovy and catchy at the same time. We definitly need more bands like them who are not shy to risk and bring everything to the next level. Congrats and thank you VP for this release!


Death Metal is on the rise again. Get this album. Period!!! There is no way out! 10 / 10!


Cheers Zed


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Full Set Performance - Bloodstock 2017

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