Review - Vile Discectomy - Omen Inoculate

Rotten Music releases another sick underground gargler called "Omen Inoculate" from the UK based band VILE DISECTOMY. Expect nothing else then super downtuned and primitive Slamdeath.


There is not so much to find online to make a background check of 3-piece project. This is the first fresh release from the end of march 2019. I also never heared of this project before.


The 4 tracks run through in 11:22 minutes. From beginning to the end it is total slam devastation straight to your face. Nothing new to find here and no epiphany for the genre but a great approach a lot of other slam bands can't bring. It's minimized to the basics which are needed to bring a straight and honest record. Some little guitar hooks and edges in the sound are thrown in to keep it a little bit more interesting.


The EP is over before you even get warm, so I had to put it on repeat and hear it 3 times to enjoy it for good. If you see it for what it is. A good outlook what could be delivered from the heads behind the music -  James Harris on drums, brother Matt Harris on bass and Oliver Hall on guitar.

The pure donwtuned and banging atmosphere which is literally raping all standard slam riffs was bringing a small smile on my face. Sometimes every fan of this genre or extreme music needs something to feed his or her basic needs. If you have cravings for some slam you are right here for a nice and short appetizer.


If you are fan of underground slam brutality in the veign of russian slam bands like Cranial Osteotomy, Cannibalistic Infancy, Disfigurement of Flesh or Extermination Dismemberment this is your band. Nothing more and nothing less.


Enjoy the brutality. 7 / 10. SLAM ON!!! Zed

Omen Inoculate [EP]

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