Review - Worship the Pestilence - Arriving to Spread Misery

A storm is comming. Blasting with all its might from Bolivia, the band WORSHIP THE PESTILENCE is ready to soak you into the maelstrom. The album "Arriving to Spread Misery", which was released last year on Rotten Music, awaits with 10 tracks of sickening, rotten and blasting brutality.


After an thunderstorm intro the band starts right away with the track called "Green". This isn't at all as relaxing as it sounds. Stomping on the gaspedal of the drum computer, the bands rips your head off with no warning. This harsh riffing and speed changes reminded me of an sick mixture between australian sickoes Fuck I'm Dead, Decomposing Serenity and russian one man underground tip Aposepsy.


I enjoyed the insane mixture between slamming Death, virtuose grinding riffs and rhythms while everything is spiced up with a nice knife tip of gore. This is really not standarized or mediocre SLAM brutality, more then a great mixture of different styles and genres combined. The band created a nice hybrid to find their own sound of creating relentless and merciless Death Metal.

This extreme music variation is presenting all its might over the whole album, just at some moments they lose themselves into uninspired fillers where i would have wished to hear something more remarkable or riffs with more edges and hooks. Those short and propably for most listeners not noticeable dropouts are not weaken the record really much but I just wanted to insist that there was more potential in some of the songs.


For the recording it is a two piece band having 2 live session members for the shows as far as I read it on the album booklet and web. The band even received some support on the album from my friend Rene Barthoulot (Slamentation, Clit Commander) and Javy Reyes (Carnivorous Voracity) on vocals. Also a sick Guitar solo from Luis Diaz (Subhuman Cadaver) on the song "Emerge from the Essence of our Consciousness".


Overall a solid and sick mixture which will feed your perverted needs of blasting brutality. Every fan of the mentioned bands like Fuck I'm Dead, Decompoising Serenity, Aposepsy, Insidious Decrepancy, Putrid Pile, Kraanium and bands in the veign of should definitly give it a try.


8 / 10 and blast on!!!


Cheers Zed



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