Review - Pancrectomy - Trick or Treat

One man assault Pancrectomy release their 3 Track Promo called "Trick or Treat" on Rotten Music. This is just a 5:15min short look in maybe what is up to come from this band. Nice and funny cover done by Gruesome Graphx.


This is a break down non stop Deathcore Hammer. A little crime Slam influenced if you hear samples from Police sirenes and stuff. Besides that music is really pure and to be honest the only real track on this is number 3 called "Nocturnal".

This track could be straight from old Carnifex releases or a more breakdown influenced NYC beatdown Deathcore band or something.  Without Remorse would be an example for this. I feel also a little knife tip salt of Waking the Cadaver but the material is much to less to do comparisons over and over again.


The ideas I heared so far going into a good and promising direction but I don't want to judge on this little material. If you liked the first EP called "Insulin Induced Coma", you will also be satisfied with this material. Pancrectomy needs to push out a full length or at least some more songs really soon to pushing it's way into to scene or this will be shortly forgotten.


Thank you for the sneak preview but I want the full thing!!! 6 / 10 for the good approaches if you want some points set from me.



Cheers Zed

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