What's going on...YouTube, Reviews, Festivals, Personal Break from Social Media...

Hey Sickoes, what's up?


I thought I will write a little BLOG Post about my current situation, what is going on, what have I done on my Social Medias and so on.


I was very active with this site and reviews the last months beginning in January. I was full of energy and pushed it very hard. It was fun and it worked well. Since the birth of my son it got stocked more and more depending on time and energy issues, but I still did some things besides my Social Media Break beginning in July 2019.


I released a couple of Videos on my YouTube Channel, some Interviews here and posted regulary some stuff on Instagram.

Some Videos you can find here:


Abrasive Live @ EXHUME THE METAL 3. I taped the whole Festival back in January 2018 and still had some material left because of time issues. Sorry for that but better late then never!

Also I had some Phone material from the David Hasselhoff Show I went to Hamburg last year. It was too good and funny not to show, haha!

I also ordered the limited Lacuna Coil book with signatures and made an Unboxing Video of that. I still like those Videos and Boxsets like this. It is a big passion for my collection.

Beside that I also published an Interview with Profanation, a German Brutal Death Metal band, and also Vintersea, a progressive Metal Band from Portland - USA.


Click on the Pictures for redirecting.

I also have a couple of Reviews pending because of my family focus break. I am sorry for that and the bands, labels waiting but I will do all. Don't worry.


Some of the Reviews will be EMBRACE YOUR PUNISHMENT, FERADUR, REMNANTS OF TORTURE, CUMBEAST, DEATHMACE and also reviews for Labels like Pathologically Explicit Recordings are missing.


I also just received a Promo Package from NOIZGATE Records with the new album from THE TEX AVERY SYNDROME, which will be released in October this year. Great Hardcore/Metalcore/Deathcore record!!!


Deathfeast Open Air is also one next stop to go. Just for 1 1/2 days but better then nothing. Besides that I will remain very quiet this year depending on private duties I have to fullfill. I hope all of you will understand, but don't worry...I won't let this project die!!!


Cheers Zed